Sotto Sotto & Clayton’s Kitchen, Bath

Read on for a double foodie post on the two restaurants we tried while visiting Bath, Sotto Sotto and Clayton’s Kitchen.

Words cannot explain how delicious the food at Sotto Sotto, an Italian restaurant in Bath was. Even though it might seem strange to visit an English city and eat at an Italian restaurant, it was a great choice. An excellent choice, in fact; from the food to the service we really had nothing to complain about. And believe me, if something in my food bothers me I have no problem letting the restaurant know, so that says a lot! If you haven’t seen my photo diary from my visit to the beautiful city of Bath (and Wells), you can do so here.


The small medieval passage that connected the two rooms


This rich, cheesy Margherita was a true representation of an Italian pizza like it was prepared in Rome. The beetroot and goat’s cheese salad complimented the otherwise heavy meal

The grilled portobello mushroom with goat’s cheese melted in your mouth; it was delicious.IMG_5565

For main he had risotto of the day, which was salmon and asparagus, and I had a very satisfying bowl of hand-made (obviously!) fettuccine with butternut squash, sage, chilli and truffle oil. Just the right amount of spicy and creamy.

IMG_5567 IMG_5569

For dessert we had a little bit of everything as per usual. We shared the tiramisu that was so light and just sweet enough, and the best profiterole I’ve had, which didn’t even include chocolate. Instead, the profiteroles were filled with fresh white chocolate Italian custard and coated with a generous amount of Limoncello sauce. After a shot of Limoncello, we felt like true Italians. Saluti!


Oh, and the owner was super nice and friendly, we had nothing to complain about!

On to the Sunday. Yay.

Sundays call for traditional Sunday roast and ours had a modern twist. We went to Clayton’s Kitchen, which is the ground floor restaurant at The Porter, a beautiful Georgian townhouse. We enjoyed a delicious mix of starters and fresh bread, the roast and some interesting desserts.


The space was clean and modern, and the fresh flowers on the tables gave a nice homey touch.

IMG_5650 IMG_5649

The menu is short but to the point and, of course, a Sunday roast is what we came here for.


I had a crab and pear combo for a starter, and even the bread was seriously good, it was like a brioche with basil-infused olive oil on top.

IMG_5655 IMG_5654

We shared both roasts; chicken and sirloin of beef and they were both delicious. Of course, we had steamed veggies and potatoes on the side. And oh the potatoes were so good, crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside just like they should be.

For dessert, we had vanilla pannacotta with rhubarb and a praline parfait with poached pear and caramel sauce.

IMG_5657 IMG_5659


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