November 11, 2019

ZeroWater filter review

ZeroWater: a water filter system that claims to clean your tap water to bottled water levels

Water is my favourite drink. Yes, I’m that person! So when ZeroWater got in touch, I was curious to try out their special filter that supposedly gives you water so clean it could have been bottled.

I never buy plastic water bottles and I’m usually found carrying my refillable water bottle around everywhere, even at home. Though I’ve always used a filter at home, it’s good to test such a strong filtration system.

What is ZeroWater

ZeroWater is a water jug with a special filter that combines five patented technologies (instead of two that most of the traditional filters have), to remove all unwanted particles from your water like lead, chromium, asbestos, plastics, pesticides, estrogen, mercury and more.

According to the company: “The FDA requires the TDS level in PURIFIED bottled water to reach 000-010ppm. ZeroWater is the only filter in its class to achieve this level.”

Stage 1: Coarse filter removes fine particles/sediment. 
Stage 2: Distributor maximizes contact time. 
Stage 3: Multi-layer system uses activated carbon and oxidation reduction alloy. 
Stage 4: Comprehensive ION EXCHANGE array. 
Stage 5: Non-woven membrane removes fine particles.

The jug is accompanied by a meter (TDS – a digital water quality meter) to test the water for the particles.

Product Trial

The jug is huge which is good for me as I drink a lot of water. You insert the filter as you normally would and fill it up the top. When full it can fill up 7 cups of water or 1.7 litres. Almost as much as you should have in a day!

What is great with this jug as opposed to others, is that there’s a little tap so you can easily fill up your glass or bottle without spills, and it’s particularly useful when the jug is full.

I first tried the meter on the normal tap water and received a reading of 280ppm.

I then tried it on the filtered water and got a reading of about 180ppm. Not 0ppm as they claim, but still much better than tap water! You can definitely taste a difference in the water that’s been filtered.


This is a great product and definitely preferrable than tap water. The filter lasts depending on how heavy your tap water is. In my case, the original tap water is of “high contamination level” according to their graph (here), which means I get 55 to 95 litres of clean water with one filter. This means my filter will last for about 12 days as I drink a lot of water, let’s say 8 litres per day. If this is indeed true, this is quite costly at £19.99 per filter, but I will test it further and see if that’s indeed true.

Buy the set that includes one filter and the meter, here for £39.99

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