March 6, 2013

Young Patrons event @ The British Library


Friday night found me in the beautiful British Library staying still for a couple of hours while showing off an amazing wedding gown. Definitely not your typical Friday night.

The Young Patrons event on the 1st of March was part of the Spring Festival of the British Library. It takes place to attract young entrepreneurs that want to be involved in the amazing work of the British Library, whether that means expanding their collection, or even developing learning programmes, exhibitions and in general improving facilities. The Library aims to encourage “creative practitioners”.

Part of their current work is the restoration of Vogue issues from the 20s and 30s curated by Central Saint Martins Fashion History and Theory degree students. Also, Dolly Jones, UK editor gave a speech for the importance of the restoration and Vogue’s very own set-up of Archives. Camilla Morton was there too, as the writer of various fashion books, such as Diane Von Füstenberg and The Tale of the Empress’s New Clothes.


The wedding dress I was wearing was made from the talented Lucy Tammam and her team of Atelier Tammam especially for Friday’s event, as it was inspired from books from the British Library, and was silk and hand embroidered. What is very interesting though, is that all of Tammam’s clothes and wedding gowns are made from sustainable materials. Peace silk imported from India; it allows the silk moth to leave before collecting their cocoons, whereas traditional silk methods kill the moth.


The wedding dress at the left is from Tammam’s new collection and is a best seller, the bow and cheeky back-skin showing are indeed very cute. The one on the right takes 4 months to be embroidered, and the embroidery is made from banana yarn (!). Peace silk is used here as well.

After standing around smiling to people showing off the beautiful work of the Atelier Tammam team, we had the chance to see a small fashion show from CSM students, took silly photo booth pictures, got ourselves drawn from talented CSM students and generally had a blast! I do have to say though, that the life of a model (even of an amateur one) is not easy. You cannot eat or drink while all the trays pass around you all night, but you can pose all you want and accept compliments!


The show of CMS students


Me and me and my friend Elena, from the eyes of the CMS students


My friend Elena in an Atelier Tammam design


Atelier Tammam

5 Hastings Street, W1CH 9PZ, Tel: 020 7617 7512, Email:


For more details for the Young Patrons contact Kisskle Leonor / 020 7412 7739 or


Image source: first picture from, the rest author’s own

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