March 18, 2021

[AD] Relax with Yogandha

Yogandha Relax body oil

I’ve teamed up with Yogandha, to introduce this wonderful holistic wellness and beauty brand from Ireland.

Yogandha’s values and ethos are what drew me to the brand, as well as their mission to introduce mindfulness in our everyday lives. I have spoken many times in the past that mental health is essential to me and I must admit at the moment it’s not at the best stage and state.

About Yogandha’s ethos and values

A little bit about Yogandha, the company was founded to create a stronger mind-body connection that’s integral in the overall health (for people and the planet), based on the ancient ritual of Gandha (fragrance in Sanskrit).

Connecting with nature is an integral part of the brand, something that as humans we often forget, spending too much time inside (not just in lockdown, but generally!), on our computers, not breathing in fresh air. The brand also promotes the incredible power herbs hold and how they can change our body and soul. Each purchase gives 5% to charity and they are big on supporting women. The founder, Sinéad Duffy, having experienced first hand the incredibly powerful effect essential oils have on the subconscious mind, while in Vipassana (10 days of silence with 10hrs seated meditation per day), soon after created her company.

Testing the Yogandha Relax

Yogandha Relax body oil review

The Yogandha Relax oil (£25.99) is all about relaxation! A therapeutic blend of 11 oils, it feels luxurious on the skin and the scent is intoxicating in the best possible way. The ingredients are lavender, sweet almond oil and sesame oil. Some other key ingredients are frankincense, blue chamomile that also helps with sleep.

The scent is quite strong, which I personally love! It smells a little woody, warm and relaxing. I wouldn’t say the lavender scent is too strong, so even if you’re not the biggest lavender fan, you are likely to enjoy this. Check out their other oils here.

For me, the best way to use the the Yogandha Relax oil, is right after a shower or bath and before going to bed. On slightly damp skin this worked so well to hydrate the skin on my body. It’s quite a dry oil, so doesn’t leave that annoying oily film that happens with various body oils. The scent is relaxing and very soothing.

If you want to use it as a bath oil, what I like to do is, apply on the body before jumping in the bath, and the hot water will melt away the oil and leave the skin feeling SO smooth! Not to mention help you fall asleep quicker.

Another great way to use this oil was applying on wrists and behind the ears (both pulse points) to aid a meditation or yoga practice. It magnifies the experience and relaxation. It’s the ultimate self-care oil! Before trying this, I wasn’t sure I’d enjoy a lavender-scented oil, but this changed my mind! If you use oils on your face, this is totally safe to use on the face and the frankincense has rejuvenating properties.

The ingredients used in all the products are ethically sourced! FYI it’s not suitable for pregnancy.


The products are 100% natural and vegan and they come in a recyclable box. I like how minimal the packaging is, with a simple product description in white lettering and the message: ‘mind.body.therapy’.

I also wanted to ask the founder, yoga teacher, Sinéad Duffy some questions:

What makes the Relax oil so unique? 

Relax is a rich, deep oil, it’s earthy with a quiet sweetness – almost impossible to describe the smell! Relax is just so versatile – it’s why it’s a favourite. Use to deepen yoga and meditation practice, but also a great body and bath oil, great face oil, great for massage – can be used on babies and kids – just a great all-rounder that super, super relaxing. 

What is the next product you’d like to add to your collection (without revealing too much)? 

It will hopefully be a membership programme – we don’t want to go wider in terms of products, more we would like to go deeper in terms of the level of wellbeing we bring to our customers. So that people will use the oils to really impact on their wellbeing in a quantifiable way – and then share the wisdom with each other so we can all learn what nature is saying through these communicative and powerful elixirs!

What’s your favourite product that you make? 

The for Her gift set (£39) containing Relax and Balance – everyone woman should have jasmine within arms reach and Relax comforts me every day.

Ps. There’s a giveaway as part of this collaboration, enter on my Instagram @fani_breakeven (or click on the post below) to win one of their wonderful aromatherapy body oils.

Follow Yogandha on Instagram @yogandha_oils and check out their website here.

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