May 22, 2021

Victoria Beckham Beauty lipsticks review

Victoria Beckham Beauty took the world by storm when she launched her namesake beauty brand in 2019 and created a frenzy with her recent Posh lipstick launch. The 90’s are synonymous with Spice Girls and her iconic nude brown lipstick is something you’ve probably tried to recreate over the years – I know I have!

My excitement levels were rising looking through the beautiful, nude-toned lipsticks as well as the elegant, luxurious packaging. The limited edition Victoria Beckham Beauty Posh Lipstick: The VB Edit, £98 features the three most iconic hues from the lipstick collection; Spice, Pout and Pose.  

The packaging is minimal and elegant. Each lipstick has that tortoise shell pattern like the rest of the line, you wouldn’t know they were lipsticks on first glance. To open them, you take off the cap, to reveal the lipstick bullet, beautifully embossed with ‘VB’. It’s almost too pretty to try them out – but that’s exactly what we’re here for.

Victoria Beckham Beauty lipsticks
Victoria Beckham Beauty lipsticks

Color of VB lipsticks

Starting from Spice the shade that came straight from the 90’s, an orange, brown-toned nude. We can only imagine this is a re-creation of the iconic lipsticks Beckham wore during the Spice Girls era. 

Pout is a rose-toned nude, with a very subtle pink undertone. It’s a very pretty, romantic pink. Beckham says she wears it in the middle of the lips together with Spice or Pose, as it gives the perfect pouty lips, hence the name.

Pose is a perfect nude shade. Everyone should have a classic nude in their collection and personally I have quite a few but I’m glad to add this one too

Victoria Beckham Beauty lipsticks
Colors: Pout, Pose, Spice

Finish of VB lipsticks

The lipstick goes on very smoothly and feels buttery soft (in a good way). It’s a somewhat sheer sheeny formula that feels moisturizing and comfortable on the lips. The finish is a little glossy but not too much. It’s the perfect finish for me, for daily wear. I would wear it day or night and any of these shades would be perfect for a ‘no makeup makeup’ look or combined with a smokey eye.

I did three layers of each color to get a more opaque finish. The colors are definitely buildable and it’s nice to know you can apply just one layer for a more see-through finish.

They also sell matching lip pencils, which, when layered underneath, would make the lipsticks opaque. Their recommendation is Lip Definer in no 2, $24, which will match all three lipsticks from The VB Edit.


Even though we can’t really go out, I put these lipsticks to the test and wore them for a minimum of six hours each. I wanted to see how long they last during a normal day of working, eating and taking a walk.

Due to their moisturizing formula, these aren’t transfer-proof, so if you are out and about wearing your mask, you’ll need to re-apply often.

 They last well if you don’t eat or touch your lips, so drinking water was fine, but after around three hours, there was a need to re-apply them. Because the formula is so moisturizing this is completely normal.

Fani Mari victoria beckham beauty lipsticks review

Colors: Spice, Pout, Pose


These get my stamp of approval, the colors are beautiful and will suit everyone, they would look great with every look, from the most natural to the most dramatic makeup and they don’t feel drying, which is a huge plus, especially in winter.

The packaging is beautiful, minimal and luxurious and a little different from a typical lipstick, as the bullet is thinner and longer. They are fantastic lipsticks.



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