February 14, 2011

tribute to l♥ve

So it is this time of the year where everything revolves around love. Even though I am not a great fan of this “celebration”, this year, I decided to have a different attitude towards it. I can’t decide which has become more of a cliche, Valentine’s Day itself or statements against it, such as; “F* Valentine’s Day I love you every day.” But maybe this day is just an excuse to express your love in different ways than every other day of the year, maybe it isn’t about showing feeling but expressing yourself in an over-exaggerating kind of way. In this way you might not make your significant other feel more special but certainly make his day.

Apart from the classic flowers and heart-shaped chocolates, what changed my mind concerning how *significant* this day is, is the way the designers approached it. I am of course referring to special items designed throughout the year that somehow connect to little Cupid’s day. In my opinion the gifts don’t have to be super-romantic, after all it’s the gesture that counts. So if we just think of this day as another chance for consumerism (which is exactly what it is) then we can go to a shopping spree really enjoy it!

Here is a brief overview of the designs I would love to give or receive this day.

  •  Candles are a must for a romantic atmosphere. Aromatic ones are even better as you can choose one through a variety of scents sold in the market.

Diptyque created two candles especially for Valentine’s Day. Garden rose and spicy wild rose are the scents the company chose to create Rose Eros Candle Duo.

Kuntzel and Deygas, are the designers for this candle combination; they said: “Working on a duo allows us to extend our creative dialogue. Creating two candles that go together is also the start of a conversation. One responds to the other and vice versa.” This product sounds like the perfect relationship; showing us how two slightly different things can become complementary to each other when working together. 

Rose Eros Candle Duo, £55

Photo: Diptyque

  • Something that everyone will enjoy (even for the anti-valentine people) is a champagne gift kit. A pink bottle of Moët & Chandon rosé NV comes together with two glasses and a gold marker. The marker can write on glass so that you can make your gift more personal. The glasses are yours to keep and the bottle will be a collective item for you even if it’s empty.

 Moet et Chandon Tag Valentine’s set, £75.99

(Photo: Moet et Chandon)

xo F

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