October 10, 2019

Treatwell Mindful Mani campaign for World Mental Health Day

Mindful Mani Treatwell World Mental Health Day
I love getting my nails done but kinda hate having to talk to the nail artist, anyone else feels the same? If so, you will really appreciate Treatwell’s Mindful Mani campaign, which has just launched across 100 of their partnering salons across the UK.

World Mental Health Day is on Thursday, and it’s a perfect excuse to talk about self-care as a mindfulness concept. Personally, when I’m feeling down I love doing things like taking a bath, doing a face mask or getting my nails done in colourful shades.

Treatwell is the UK’s largest and easiest service to find treatments in salons and spas near you. The Treatwell campaign for the whole month of October is devoted exactly to that – giving people their ‘me time’.

This campaign allows the client to listen to music, meditate and simply zone out while getting their treatment done. As part of the campaign Treatwell has recorded a Power Hour podcast episode with wellness guru and podcast host, Adrienne LDN, so why not listen to that? You can listen to the podcast here.

In a study done by Treatwell, they found that 74% said they struggle to find the time for self-care, with only 34% of people using their manicure as ‘me time’ and 63% feel obliged to make conversation. I don’t find the results shocking as often feel like I have to make conversation when getting my nails done, my brows or having a facial, when in fact this should be a time of ultimate relaxation!

“89% of people reported not putting headphones on during their manicure for fear of appearing rude – Treatwell are taking away the worry and giving you the silent treatment (literally), free of judgment and without the fear of impoliteness.”


The campaign is created with support from psychologist and health coach Suzy Reading, ‘​It is lovely to take a whole hour out of our day but we can experience great benefits from as little as a minute! Start by dotting your day with tiny mini moments of nourishment and you will soon notice the cumulative effects’, Suzy said.

Will you be trying out the Mindful Mani at one of the Treatwell partnering salons?

Don’t forget to take a moment for yourself today, and every day if possible, and it’s absolutely okay not to be okay.

See all the locations the Mindful Mani is available at, here

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