January 31, 2011

Transformers pt.2

So, this is the second part of the “find your personal style”/”closet transformation”. You can read the first part here.

Use the internet once again for your benefit! Personally I find extremely fascinating to read other fashion blogs. My favourites are Caroline’s Mode, Style by Kling and The Blonde Salad. But you can find the ones you like and make sure to keep up with all the updates. The best way to do this is through Blog Lovin. Follow them, read their posts and get inspired-easy huh?

My other suggestion would be to do-it-yourself (DIY). You can transform your clothes, or buy cheap ones to experiment on! I do this when I like clothes or accessories that are really expensive (like this bracelet from Hermès) but I want to have. The other advantage with DYI is that you feel much more satisfied to create what you like yourself (especially if it turns out to look good) than bying it, because it will have your personal touch ! I have found some really good websites for DIYs, Ps.I made this, and Thread Banger.

I am really creative and so I decided to make the ‘Collier de Chien’ bracelet just by downloading the template by Hermès, you can download it here in plain or select another pattern, or even put your personal touch on the plain design (like painting in black). It is really easy and you will have your bracelet ready without paying £1000 for it! You can also print the template on cardboard instead of regular paper so that it will be thicker and won’t get destroyed easily. I didn’t have any cardboard so I used hairspray afterwards to make the paper more resistant, or you could put Atlacol (special glue that can be used as top coat) on top.

This is the one I made

(It is plain white, like in the first picture; in the second one the lighting is different)

Whatever you decide to do always remember, the most fabulous thing about fashion and personal style is that it is personal; you don’t have to copy anyone, express yourself by mixing and matching your favourite clothes. Don’t be afraid to be different and stand out from the crowd, after all that’s what fashion is all about: YOU!

 xo F

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