January 24, 2011

Transformers pt.1

All these hours we all spend online each day should be of use don’t you think? I mean apart from Facebook, Twitter and other waste-of-time.com lets use the web to our advantage.

I was thinking “Wardrobe Renovation” and “Finding your personal Style”. It may sound complicated, or too much to do but just searching around the web and reading a few magazines can really do magic.

I don’t know about you but reading magazines for me is a complex process; with my marker in one hand and the scissors at the other I circle and comment every single thing I like. Then I cut off the pages and classify them in my big purple Fashion Binder (I think everyone having a fashion binder should go on your “to do“ list, I find it extremely helpful). I’ve got many different categories but that just depends on the things you like reading about. I have one for trends, catwalks, advertisements, hair/make-up, people (interviews, features etc), sport and food. I include pretty much everything, yours can be more condensed and in any case the classification is a personal matter.

Going back to the internet business, the first website I would suggest is Who What Wear. It is worth subscribing since every two days they upload new posts that include trends, celebrities and how-to. Plus their posts are collages so even if you cannot spent much time reading it the main point of the post is quite straight-forward.

If you are seeking inspiration in outfit photo-shoots (by ordinary people-not supermodels) you should definitely check out Lookbook. Anyone can create an account and post his/her pictures of inspired outfits; and you can also “hype” the photos you like to make them more popular.

What really inspires me are fashion photo-shoots, I highly recommend LOVE Magazine their photo-shoots are always fabulous and really inspiring. Too bad the magazine comes out only twice a year. Nevertheless, there are other really good magazines too; just by going to Selfridges you will find a great variety of fashion/photography magazines, so you can choose the one(s) you like best. Also, Vogue magazine is obviously a classic, and either we like it or we hate it, it is full of advertisements. It can get quite annoying when you want to actually read the magazine, but hey—take advantage of that, take a good look at the ads and get inspired!

Another amazing website in my opinion is Polyvore. It is a life-saver when the time of my-wardrobe-is-full-of-ive-got-nothing-to-wear comes. I tend to plan my outfits beforehand and when I have one item of clothing I want to wear I make it into a full outfit through Polyvore. You can create outfits/inspirations/collages of that kind really easily!


xo F

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