July 21, 2015

Tinos Travel Guide + Recommendations

I visited the Greek island of Tinos with my mum a few weeks ago and was pleasantly surprised by its beauty; the sea, and the picturesque little villages. I have posted my outfit from that trip here if you want to have a look. Being on holidays in Greece at a time of political and economic turbulence makes you look for the positive little things. These images also bring to mind some picture quotes I saw a while back that had ‘Greek Sun: Not in Crisis’ and others, written on. That was a campaign created by Peter Economides in 2012, now more relevant than ever, which you can see here.


Kolimpithra beach is the surfers’ paradise (not on that day as there was no wind) and the ultimate relaxation spot, away from everyone, lying on the beach with relaxing music playing on the background.

IMG_8379_1 IMG_8380_1 IMG_8385_1 IMG_8386_1 IMG_8389_1 IMG_8404_1 IMG_8410_1 IMG_8417_1

We had a delicious meal next to the sea at Thalassaki and chatted and laughed and had a bit too much wine, but that’s what holidays are for, right?

IMG_8424_1 IMG_8427_1

In Tinos it was customary to have ‘pigeon halls’ on the facade of your house, as people would feed the pigeons and use their feces for agricultural purposes.


Kyknos, the original company in Greece that produces canned tomatoes
IMG_8439_1 IMG_8442_1

Walking around the cute village of Volax with its small alleyways. They also have an outdoor theatre that takes advantage of the good echo throughout the village.

IMG_8444_1 IMG_8453_1 IMG_8460_1 IMG_8468_1

This platanus tree has been there for over 100 years. It is in the centre of the main square of Pyrgos where you can stop for a coffee or a delicious galaktoboureko (traditional Greek custard pie, photo below).

IMG_8473_1 IMG_8482_1 IMG_8487_1 IMG_8497_1

Outside the museum of Greek sculptor, Giannoulis Halepas

IMG_8610_1 IMG_8619_1

Wearing: Top by Hollister (similar) | Denim shorts by Abercrombie & Fitch (here) | Missoni headband (similar) | Toms crochet shoes (here)


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