November 6, 2011

The Power of Making

My agenda for Friday night was a trip to South Kensington to see the new exhibition featured at Victoria and Albert museum. Its name: “The Power of Making: The importance of being skilled.” And this is exactly what it featured. Its purpose was to communicate and present a different art, that of designing art and craft.

Not every piece shown was my cup of tea, but I must admit that all of them were exquisitely designed and presented.

The piece I liked the most were some pencils, carved so that their tips formed the alphabet. I had seen it online in the past, but its detail was even greater in the live version. It took the artist about two and a half years to complete.


‘Alphabet’ pencil-tip structures, Dalton Ghetti. Photo by Sloan T. Howard Photography

I also liked a dress made out entirely of pins:

Widow dressmaker pin dress by Susie MacMurray, 2009, Loaned by Manchester Art Galleries

A chair that looked like a giant teardrop. In its description I remember it said that it is actually a mold for a human figure, and with a closer look you can imagine a person sitting there (upside down).

‘Gomli’, Polyester gel coat and fiberglass, 2009, by Ron Arad. Photo by Todd White


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