February 7, 2020

The Chillery – your go-to CBD website

Behind the scenes at the one-stop CBD shop, The Chillery: Premium CBD. Elevated Wellness.

CBD – cannabidiol – derived from hemp (cannabis sativa) and a distant cousin of marijuana (cannabis sativa, cannabis indica), which doesn’t get you high. CBD has become somewhat of a ‘trend’ in the past 2 years in the beauty world. To be applied on the skin, taken under the tongue as a tincture, it’s meant to help with all sorts of modern-day ailments from anxiety, stress, to sleeplessness, and even period pain.

CBD products don’t contain HTC, which is the compound that makes you high, so it’s not psychoactive.

CBD is new to me, and even though I always try the ‘newest’ thing as part of my job and my obsession with beauty, it didn’t happen until very recently. So meeting the founders of The Chillery; a luxury CBD e-tailer, was a perfect coincidence as the starting point of my CBD journey.

Marisa Schwab and Floriane von der Forst met while studying at uni in 2009, and after a few years they met again in London, while living together, and came up with the idea for this modern wellness online space after stress in their jobs, and a week-long fasting detox retreat in South West England.

On The Chillery they stock creams, tinctures and even vape pens that work with CBD, from brands from the US (particularly LA where Marisa is from), UK and more, and they constantly add more brands.

They personally select, meet and do third-party testing on every single brand before they sell them on The Chillery. Each product they sell also includes information on dosage depending on the use. For example the same product can be used differently for stress and sleep and it all depends on the concentration of mg of CBD in the product.

I measured my CBD product to see how many drops I should be taking according to their instructions.

Disciple 250mg (30ml bottle) I should take and I found 1 full dropper (1 dropper is 30 drops, so 12.3mg) for stress and 2 full for sleep, is that correct?

Exactly! That’s our recommended starting dosages for newbies so please tell her to stay consistent for a few days on the same dosage and adjust accordingly after a few days if you are not seeing a difference. Slow and steady wins the race with CBD. 

If you want to know more, you can take their quiz here and find what products are recommended for you, focusing around their five pillars; sleep, beauty, stress, pain and intimacy. My recommended product is the 10% CBD oil by Kiki Health and the dose: “Each drop contains 5mg of CBD. Use 1-2 drops for stress relief and 4-6 drops for helping you to sleep.”

I met Marisa and Floriane and learned about how The Chillery came about and I wanted to share their story and also ask them about their personal faves!

What’s the product that first made you interested in CBD?

Marisa:  As someone who’s struggled to sleep every night, I became a die-hard CBD convert after trying Kiki Health’s 10% CBD oil. It moved me off of a heavy dose of pharmaceuticals and I’ve never turned back!

Floriane:  I was struggling to find a solution to problem skin until I came across Hora Super Serum.  By balancing sebum levels, fighting inflammation-caused skin irritations and protecting skin from free radicals, CBD does wonders for skincare!

How do you typically incorporate CBD in your routine?

Floriane: CBD has totally transformed my whole beauty routine. I use serums daily and masks throughout the week to keep my skin hydrated and balanced. I also love to use different tinctures in the mornings before I start my workday to keep me focused. And of course, a massage with LDN CBD’s CBD Massage Oil every now and then with my boyfriend. 

Marisa: I use CBD face serums morning and night – they help my ultra-dry skin stay hydrated. I keep a CBD pain topical in my gym bag for post workouts and there is always a CBD tincture before bed. I’m also getting really into OTO’s CBD Pillow Mist as I’ve been upping my bedtime routine. 

What’s the first product or usage you recommend to first time users?

We always advise first-timers to identify the area they want to target. Is it stress, a better night’s sleep, pain? Then we advise looking at your preferred delivery format, ideally something that works into your current routine. For example, if you want to try CBD for muscle pain and have a bath ritual, then a CBD bath bomb might be the best place to start. If it’s stress management but you might not be keen on the taste of hemp, then we recommend terpene-rich formulations like that of Yuyo’s AM Formula – lemon, peppermint and black pepper. 

A product you always use?

Marisa:  a great face oil 

Floriane:  an ultra-hydrating lip balm (note the microdosing trend we’ll see in 2020!)

What are the best sellers on The Chillery?

Tinctures for sleep like Yuyo Botanics’ PM Formula and The Chillery’s own CBD Stress Starter Kit, because let’s face it, we all need to chill out. 

We are also seeing a lot of demand for CBD beauty products. The CBD Lavender Sleeping Mask from Kana and High Potency CBD Face Serum from Beboe are two life savers in these cold winter months.

Your customers are mostly female, why is that would you say?

There is such a natural overlap between the potential therapeutic benefits of CBD and the common conditions many women are looking to improve. We are often balancing too many things at once, meaning we might be more stressed and sleepless than we’d ideally like. 

At the same time, there’s been a major shift over the last few years toward natural solutions for common ailments. Women make up over ¾ of health and wellness spending because we tend to take a more active role in pursuing a healthy and balanced lifestyle. 

Dream brand to stock on The Chillery?

Our own 🙂

What has been the biggest ‘revelation’ while setting up The Chillery, and what did you find particularly interesting within the CBD products?

We are continually amazed at how women of all ages are responding to The Chillery. Whether it’s a mother that buys a CBD cream for joint pain or an overworked 20-something looking to manage stress a bit more naturally, CBD speaks to a multigenerational audience, and we love that! 

And now for the fun part – can you show me and talk me through your CBD-infused shelfie?


The Chillery
  • Saint Jane Luxury Beauty Serum – packed with 20 natural botanicals and 500 mg of CBD, this serum smells divine and leaves my skin with a super hydrated and balanced complexion. I love the black matte bottle too!
  • Kana CBD Lavender Sleeping Mask – I use this overnight three times a week to keep my skin hydrated. It has a super relaxing lavender smell so perfect before bed. 
  • Disciple Miracle Drops 1000mg – I take about ¾ of a dropper after I finish my skincare routine and head to bed.
  • Dr. Kerklaan Natural CBD Relief Cream – I use this for localized muscle pain after workouts and tight shoulders after a long workday. There is an immediate cooling effect from Eucalyptus and Peppermint and combined with CBD, it fights inflammation. 
  • Kana Lit Hemp CBD Face Oil –  When I’m feeling my face needs a refresh, just a few drops of this face oil leaves my skin bright and dewy. 


  • Hora’s Super Serum– This is my go-to for mornings and night to keep blemishes away and fight free radicals. I also love the marine collagen which firms the skin.
  • Hora Overnight Exfoliating Mask – I use this up to 4 nights a week, especially when my skin starts to act up. It goes on like silk and very gently exfoliates the dead skin away. 
  • Dr. Kerklaan Natural CBD Skin Cream – this is an all-around fast-absorbing body moisturizer for all year round. It is specially formulated to target skin irritations from eczema to psoriasis so great for sensitive skin too. 
  • Kana CBD Lavender Sleeping Mask – I love the lavender smell of this overnight mask and tend to use it when my skin is particularly dry. It’s a fan (and founder) favourite!

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