May 8, 2014

style challenge: skirts – part 1

Bank Holiday weekends are the best. Three days, five skirts (‘packing light’ is a term I am not familiar with) and a mini getaway in Brighton.

This year I’ve fallen in love with skirts and have bought many since we two met, it was clearly love at first sight. I still do like to wear trousers and jeans though, so we aren’t really exclusive.

In order to make my short weekend away from London more interesting clothes-wise I only packed skirts.

For the day of travelling I wore the most comfy of the bunch, as we all know there’s nothing worse than being annoyed by your clothes while travelling.


On the beautiful Brighton Pier at sunrise, wearing Topshop jumper, Asos sunnies, Zara boots and bag, Catarzi hat and skirt from a Greek store,  Celestino. I’m in love with this red fedora, it really makes an outfit.



imageLeather jacket from All Saints



Outfit from day two at Brighton was even more colourful, if that was even possible. The baseball style top and the tulip brocade skirt were a match made in heaven. image



imageSame bag, shoes and sunnies as before, skirt from Trés Chic S.A.R.T.O.R.I.A.L, top from MSGM, and armour ring from My Flash Trash.

We also visited an art exhibition that was just as colourful as my outfit. During the weekend the Brighton Festival kicked off, with many different events from art to music to fun for kids (if you’re around do take a look, it’s on till the 25th of May).

One of them was On Balance by Jacob Dahlgren at Fabrica. Fabrica may now be a visual arts organisation, but it’s technically an old church, which made it even more fascinating.



The two works by Swedish Dahlgren were commissioned for the Festival, the one with the ribbons is called The Wonderful World of Abstraction and is created from thousands of meters of multi-coloured ribbon hanging from a metal frame.

Next to it was Heaven is a Place on Earth, where 713 polished bathroom scales in popping colours invited the viewer to walk around and play.

And to wrap it up with another multi-coloured thing, I really liked these cute storage houses on Brighton beach.image



This one was my favourite.

Part 2 of my style challenge is coming soon!


Photo credit: personal

xo Fani

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