March 24, 2019

Slixir nail & polish cream review – the answer to chipped nails?

I love discovering new brands on Instagram, it’s a great place particularly for new products. I received a sample of Slixir a product created for healthy nails and hands made in the UK by Helen Gilmore.

If you get shellac nails too, this is a good one to try out. I only get shellac done and when I do I want it to last as much as possible without chips. Normal polish never lasts more than a couple days on me, so I get usually get shellac manicures once a month, sometimes less often to let my nails breathe. I also try to keep my nails healthy and strong by using an oil at night, I personally use the Gehwol oil but truthfully even plain olive/coconut oil does the job. Just apply some on cuticles and massage it in, it’s particularly great if you have brittle nails. I also apply hand cream, something thick and moisturising. For the purpose of a proper review and trial of Slixir though, I stopped using both of these products and instead only tested Slixir every night.

Slixir comes in one size, at 75ml (retails at £21.95), and even though I’ve been using for over a month there’s still a lot left, so I think the size is perfect as it’s easy to have in your bag if you wish. It’s a very thick balm, thicker than what I was expecting, take out a hazelnut sized blob, and apply on nails and hands, massaging in as you would with your regular hand cream. Because of the thickness a little goes a long way, and Slixir recommend not to use more than a hazelnut size as the product might pile up.

My first impression was how amazing this product smells; a bit sweet like caramel, but not too much, and it feels nice and luxurious. Technically it’s meant for both nails and hands, but I focus mostly on the nails.
Because of the thick texture, in the beginning, I had some minor difficulties taking the cream out of the bottle, if you have the same issue I suggest rubbing the bottle between your hands to warm the product up.
I wanted to be sure of my review so I tried this product through two different shellac manicures. Below you can see my nails after two weeks of testing – yes they have grown long but no chips in sight! I used twice on some days, but mostly once. Slixir recommends that the product should be used twice a day for the best results.

The short ingredient list has a main goal; to nourish and protect hand and nails. That happens thanks to the avocado oil, jojoba oil and a mix of other plant extracts to restore hydration in nails and hands. Just as with our skin, our nails break when they are dry and dehydrated, and that’s where Slixir comes in to help, even if you never wear polish. As you might know, our nails don’t breathe as they are dead protein (similar to our hair), however they still contain water, about 7% to 18% for a healthy nail.

Another ingredient is copper active, copper is known for its anti-inflammatory properties so this will also protect and soothe cuticles. This product works is thanks to the different molecular sizes of the ingredients, which feed the nail bed despite the existence of nail polish.

The product is also vegan, cruelty-free, made in the UK, and I personally really like supporting independent brands! Slixir was founded by Helen Gilmore, who has been in the nail business since 2002, having worked for Revlon who owns CND – the original shellac polish. Having spoken to hundreds of women during her career Helen realised what they wanted was longevity and that’s how she decided to create this product.

This is really an incredible product that works. Would repurchase 100% and I don’t think I ever want to be without it. It helps my nails, and keeps them chip free for longer. I’m glad I discovered it! This was gifted to me by the brand for review, but all opinions are my own.

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