May 14, 2015

Share my Shop: Mehry Mu x Jo Loves

Mehry Mu is a Turkish accessories brand founded by Güneş Mutlu four years ago. It explores the Turksish symbols in a modern way; such as the evil eye, the hamsa both symbols of good luck. She was inspired by the vibrant ikat fabrics found in Grand Bazaar of Istanbul. Backpacks, fringed crossbody bags and clutches all beautifully created!

Jo Malone and Güneş met in Istanbul and Jo was so inspired by her story that she organised this event; the first ‘Share my Shop’ in the Jo Loves boutique on Elizabeth Street. They are both entrepreneurs who tried to create something different, and it’s very nice seeing inspiring people working together and helping each other to move forwards. What better way to do this than a beautiful, one of a kind, perfume boutique!

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There is another special part in the store; which will be opening to the public on Monday. The Shot Candle Studio is an exclusive one-on-one consultation to create your very own candle. You choose your base, which is hollow in the centre (just like a shot glass!) and then your shot.

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It is a beautiful experience, where you get to take part in the creation process – and not only be the consumer but the creator as well. Jo is the first one to ever do this, and it’s patented – such a clever idea to get two fragrances all at once. At first the ‘shot’ is melting (I went for mango, which made me feel as if I was actually eating a mango!) and then the combination of both scents come together (for the base I chose Mojito). Wrapped in a large white box with a Union Jack pattern and a red bow to pull it all together.

The gorgeous room is all white, like a blank canvas encouraging creativity. It is £75 for the consultation and your candle, which is totally worth it. It was such a relaxing and unique experience; smelling the different scents, putting together your candle, your new ‘home’ smell, that maybe it reminds you of summer back home, or your garden or anything else. It would also make a great gift to go in with someone and create your candles together.

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It’s also inspiring talking with such a positive and energetic woman such as Jo; who is helping Güneş move forward and then Güneş herself will help someone else. Jo was appointed ambassador for British creativity last year and it’s amazing to see what she is doing in this role. And Gunes as well, is so sweet and lovely and driven to extend her business.

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With Jo and our customised candles

Thanks to Sophie and the team at 5th House PR!

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