August 17, 2017

Sanoflore Organic review

French skincare brand Sanoflore has been focusing lately on anti-pollution products. As I have mentioned previously, pollution is a catastrophic factor to our skin and aging, and there is this misconception that the sun is the only problem. Loads of brands have launched anti-pollution skincare products, like Chantecaille (preview here), Clarins, Zelens, Chanel, and others. It’s really important that brands have seen how important protecting our skin from pollution is, and these products from Sanoflore promise to do just that.

Certified organic, made with natural ingredients, this range will protect your skin and create a barrier from all the harmful pollutants. The launch includes five main products, that create a whole skincare regime. The brand was actually first developed since 1972, in the National Park of Vercors in France, one of Europe’s most protected areas.

This is a great idea for people who don’t want to spend a long time thinking and putting together their skincare routine, and also if you want to move towards more natural and organic products in your routine. The brand is widely available in France, in all major pharmacies, and this launch brings the brand to the UK via Feel Unique.


Mix and match their different lines depending on your skin’s needs; Magnifica is for anti-perfections, Rosa Angelica for hydration, Reines for radiance, Aciana Botanica for cleansing and to top it all off, the dreamy, floral face mist for all skin types. 

I am such a big fan of mists, during the day to refresh make-up, on flights to hydrate and in the office for that 4pm slump of energy. I have multiple ones from different brands, and I’d say this Véritable Eau Florale (£15) is a very nice option if you aren’t sure you like mists as the smell isn’t too strong and the price is quite reasonable. It also includes vitamin C, to help with that dewy glow even more.

The cleanser (£14) is a gel that emulsifies with water, and has a very faint smell of chamomile, at it features cornflower water and sunflower seed oil. I would personally use it as a second cleanse or morning cleanse, but it does claim to remove even waterproof mascara. I haven’t tried the rest of the line yet, but the rose face cream will be perfect when the weather is colder.



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