May 26, 2015

Purple dream

I am now used to the bipolar situation that is the British weather, I decided that a heavy sweater with no tights should match the hot/cold/windy climate. Chelsea is one of the nicest neighbourhoods (I mean it is called ‘the Royal Borough’ after all…) and the perfect background for outfit photography by far. Plus it also has the cutest little streets and restaurants. This time we went to Baker and Spice for lunch, who do seriously good breakfast/brunch and coffee but I had never tried their lunch before. It’s a buffet-style menu, where you choose your main and 2-3 sides and since everything is ready, you won’t wait for ages for your food to arrive (which is great if you’re super-hungry!).


It’s a nice, relaxing, family atmosphere perfect for those lazy weekends!


Quiche with tomato and cheese


Chicken skewers (deliciously marinated) with bulgar wheat and beetroot


I was wearing: Asos skirt (similar) | Sparkle and Fade knit jumper at Urban Outfitters (similar) | Zoe Kompitsi necklace* (here) |  Peter Flowers boots (similar) | Balenciaga bag (similar) | Céline sunglasses (here)


I absolutely love purple clothes but don’t actually  own that many or wear the colour as much as I’d like to. I went full on purple for this look and really liked the result especially paired with black accessories.

IMG_7764 IMG_7777

IMG_7784 IMG_7793

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