August 7, 2020

AD: Pretty Athletic Trial + Review

pretty athletic review

I’m putting Pretty Athletic to the test – a skincare line for fitness people!

The idea of using specific ingredients post-workout is simple but genius at the same time, which is why I was very excited to trial some products from the Pretty Athletic range.

Pretty Athletic is a range for runners (or any other form of exercise) that want to target; redness, breakouts, recovery, dryness and have healthy skin.

Pretty Athletic Review
My Pretty Athletic product selection

I love working out but hate the feeling of having to get ready in a rush and leave the house (or gym) post-workout, only to be red and sweating off my makeup soon after. I get hot in a workout, as I usually do some form of HIIT or a sweaty combination of exercises, so putting these products to the test under these conditions, was the perfect way to see how they work.

Also, working out isn’t just good for the body and mind but also our face! Circulation is increased in the skin and that’s why after a workout we’re more glowy. Some studies have shown that exercising helps keep your skin clearer too as it lowers your stress levels.

Testing Pretty Athletic

I selected three products from the range that I wanted to test for two weeks after my workouts. These products can still be used even if you’re not working out, but are perhaps, in a hot and humid climate.

I wanted to test their latest launch, the Sweatproof: Neutralising Hydration Gel (£24, 30ml) as I generally get a sweaty face (super sexy, I know) and struggle with moisturisers when it’s very hot.

This contains rosehip and chia seed oils and kakadu plum, an Australian antioxidant that’s said to be more effective than vitamin C. I’ve tried kakadu plum in other products in the past and like it! There’s also prebiotics in the formula that help balance the skin. It can also be used pre-workout but I’m only testing it post-workout as that’s when it would be more suitable for my skin and routine.

Workout Glow: Hyaluronic Vitamin Tonic (£17.50, 100ml) is a facial mist with a great mix of ingredients. In general I love a mist – I have so many and use them all day, at the beach, during my skincare routine. Ingredients-wise you get the moisturising hyaluronic acid, paired with rose and calendula that are naturally soothing. Then two powerful antioxidants; niacinamide and vitamin E that balance the skin and are overall beneficial.

Instant Refresh: Invigorating Shower Scrub (£13.50, 200ml) is a refreshing shower gel and scrub hybrid. It’s quite lightweight and cleanses well, which is essential post-workout. The exfoliation is thanks to the jojoba beads and raspberry seeds, but feels very mild. In here there’s also menthol, eucalyptus and lemon tea tree.

My Thoughts

Pretty Athletic Review Sweatproof

The Sweatproof hydration gel is my top pick from the three products I’ve tried, as I felt the hydration on my skin, (which I’m lacking at the minute due to my medication and the sun/sea) and felt its cooling effect instantly!

Due to the lightweight gel texture this is great under makeup too. Also, it fits its ‘sweatproof’ name perfectly! Even from the first time I tried it, I was amazed that my face didn’t sweat upon leaving the house, even though it was 35 C degrees! You can see the texture above, it’s a gel cream that sinks in immediately. Every time I tried this, whether I was going out or back to my desk, I could feel the cooling and soothing effect instead of my face melting off, which is my norm after a workout.

The tonic mist can be used as a toner or a light cleanser of sorts. Personally I prefer using it as a toner, after the workout or at the beach. The scent is lovely – smells of rose – and it’s overall super pleasant to use. The misting action isn’t super fine, but I found that if I hold the bottle further away from my face, I have no issues! Also the bottle is a generous size. This one has Sali Hughes’ stamp of approval too! A tip; if you’re at home, keep this in the fridge and the cooling effect is even better! I also like using this one in my morning and evening skincare routines.

The body scrub is also instantly cooling and has a nice gel texture. Because it’s a scrub I wouldn’t use this every day but maybe once a week, so I’d love to see the same product but without the jojoba beads and raspberry seeds used for exfoliation. This is just a personal preference! They are super mild. Also, due to the menthol please do not let this come near your privates! I was cautious of this but maybe not everyone would think of it, so thought I’d mention it. This would be perfect for the back and chest though, as sports-bra + sweat can lead to spots and irritation.

Overall they’ve done a great job at including beneficial ingredients in a ‘cooling down’ range of products. The textures of the products I tried worked really well for the intended purpose and the prices are good. From the three products tested I can see the gel moisturiser and mist becoming staples in my post-workout skincare routine.

About Pretty Athletic

UK-based award-winning Pretty Athletic was founded by ex-lawyer Leyla Cooper who couldn’t find any suitable products to use pre- and post-workout so created her own. She didn’t want skin to feel dehydrated and wanted to amplify the positive results exercise has on our skin. Sweat can block pores but stripping the skin with constant face washing isn’t ideal either, so Pretty Athletic is aiming for healthy skin in conjunction with an active lifestyle.

All the products are pH balanced which is great to know! Using the right pH for our skin means that the moisture barrier won’t be compromised and the skin will be healthy. Not many brands openly mention pH, so it’s great to see Pretty Athletic doing that.

Pretty Athletic is certified vegan, cruelty-free and 98% natural. The whole range is also fragrance-free and made in Great Britain.

Would you try a workout-specific skincare range?

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