February 24, 2011

Prada-Milan Fashion Week

Prada’s show for Autumn/Winter 2011 just finished.

No I wasn’t there, but saw the live-stream at Prada‘s website !

Miuccia Prada presented

  • leather aviator hats and fur hats
  • lizard-print socks
  • red/black/white, creme/green
  • horizontal and vertical stripes 
  • silk blouses
  • low-cut v-neck coats with fur collars 
  • backless dresses
  • lizard-print coats and bags that looked like bags for cosmetics
  • polo dresses with fur details
  • mask shades
  • dresses, skirts and coats with transparent coloured(green, yellow etc) oversized sequins
  • two-tone boots, that were like wearing pumps with socks but were actually boots!

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