November 10, 2020

October Beauty Empties

october empties beauty

Another big batch of empties to review, including beauty, skincare and a lot of body care!

October skincare Empties empty products in a bowl

October Empties: Face Cleansers, Treatments and SPF

Neom organics crabtree and evelyn herbal essentials cleanser bybi cleanser avene triacneal la roche posay anthelios supergoop unseen sunscreen indeed labs bakuchiol pads

Starting with cleansers, Neom Organics Great Day Glow Face Wash (£25)* is a great gentle cleanser, it does contain essential oils, so keep that in mind if you prefer fragrance-free, I’ve done a review before – read it here. Would repurchase. Crabtree & Evelyn Cultivated Cleansing Oil (125ml, £21.50)* a beautiful cleansing oil that doesn’t feel oily, turns into a milk and works a treat. Would repurchase. Herbal Essentials Miracle Cleanser (30ml, £6)* I was hoping this would work as a first cleanse as it’s quite thick but unfortunately this stings my eyes and it’s too thick as a second cleanser. But if you use a separate eye cleanser, it could be a good option. Wouldn’t repurchase. BYBI Crystal Clear Gel Cleanser (60ml, £24)* a fantastic gentle gel, for a deeper cleanse with willow bark extract (the pre-cursor to salicylic acid) – perfect for acne-prone skin or maskne. Would repurchase.

Avene Triacneal (30ml, £15.40) it’s a gentle retinoid, good if you’re just starting out with retinol treatments. I use stronger creams now, so wouldn’t repurchase but would recommend. Indeed Labs Bakuchiol Pads (£19.99 for 30 pads) these are great for the morning if you want a quick swipe, they help evening out the skin texture and can be used during pregnancy. Bakuchiol is sometimes referred to as a natural retinol, but no-thi-ng beats retinol and there isn’t enough proof it works in the same way, but it’s a great alternative for sensitive skins that might not be able to use retinol. Would repurchase.

La Roche-Posay Anthelios Ultra-Light Invisible Fluid Sun Cream 50+ Tinted (30ml, £17.50) this is the tinted version which is horrible!! I don’t know why they even made this, it’s orange, I highly doubt this suits anyone. However the original un-tinted is great for all skin types and tones. I’ve linked the original version because no one needs to be orange! Wouldn’t repurchase the tinted version. Supergoop Unseen Sunscreen (50ml, £30) this is great if you like your sunscreens on the primer/silicone side. It glides on well, it’s glowy but not overly so and works well. I wish it came in a SPF50 though and I have since found an alternative that is SPF50 and a little cheaper too (see my review here). Would potentially repurchase.

October empties: hydrators, moisturisers and eye creams

Then I Met You Giving Essence (100ml, £38 – $50)* is an amazing product, this really made me fall in love with essences. Full review here. This is a beautiful texture, juicy skin in a bottle product, but I think you can get other essences that don’t cost nearly as much, so I wouldn’t repurchase. Alpha-H Essential Skin Perfecting Moisturiser (50ml, £39.99)* is a medium to thick moisturiser that slightly colour corrects. This worked well but I couldn’t find a place for it in my routine, as it was a little too thick for the daytime for my liking. Great ingredients though. Wouldn’t repurchase. REN Global Protection Day Cream (50ml, £36)* is a thick moisturiser that I mostly used at night as my final layer of skincare. Perhaps too thick for the day depending on your skin type. Would repurchase. Leo Oil (30ml, £35) is a small batch skincare line, a light blue oil great for all skin types. Review here. Would repurchase. Q+A Caffeine Eye Serum (15ml, £5.20)* unfortunately this broke so I’m not sure whether it worked well or not as I couldn’t use it for too long. The roller-ball applicator is nice in the morning. Wouldn’t repurchase. The Inkey List Retinol Eye Cream (15ml, £9.99)* I didn’t see any major improvement in my under eye area when using this. Wouldn’t repurchase.

October empties: body and hair care

soaper duper ren moroccan rose otto beauty laundrette cbvit active hemp body milk moroccan oil hair mask

Soaper Duper Body Wash Shea Butter (450ml, £9.99) is soo good! I prefer the more zesty scents they do, this is a little too sweet but very moisturising. Would repurchase. REN Moroccan Rose Otto Body Wash (200ml, £22)* smelled good, a nice gel but it finished way too quickly so wouldn’t repurchase. Beauty Laundrette* products worked well but the scents are way too sweet so it’s a no from me, wouldn’t repurchase. CBVIT Active Hemp Body Milk (250ml, £21.99)* was quite moisturising with an earthy scent (due to the hemp). Wasn’t too keen on the scent but it was a light milk. Wouldn’t repurchase. Herbivore CALM Soaking Salts (£36.43)* was a lovely product but I think Herbivore weren’t supportive when it came to Black Lives Matter, so wouldn’t repurchase.

Schwarzkopf Color Expert Colour Treatment (150ml, £3.99)* wasn’t thick enough for my frizzy and thick hair, so I wouldn’t repurchase. Moroccan Oil Repair Hair Mask (250ml, £32.85)* this was really good, left my hair soft and smells amazing. Would repurchase. Living Proof Perfect Hair Day Mask (200ml, £33)*, another good mask, I prefer another one from their range so wouldn’t repurchase. Hershesons Almost Everything Cream (£10)* is a great product, post-shampoo to tame frizz, pre-heat etc. Would repurchase.

October empties: Lip balms and other bits

CBVIT CBD oil bare minerals blemish rescue lucas papaw ointment peggy sage nail treatment

CBVIT 16% CBD oil (10ml, £59.99)* this worked well! I used it at night, read more about CBD here. Would repurchase. bareMinerals Blemish Rescue concealer (£24) I wasn’t a huge fan of this product, it was too thick and didn’t glide on well, so wouldn’t repurchase. Dr. Sam’s Flawless Lip (15ml, £12) a great lip balm! I wish it was a bigger size though as I went through it quickly. Would repurchase. Lucas’ Papaw Ointment (25ml, £6) is my most repurchased balm! I use it as a lip balm and have posted about it loads of times in empties. Peggy Sage Nail Hardener (£11) is an amazing nail treatment and the only one that has worked on me, you apply it three days consecutively and it should sort your nails out!

October empties: Face masks

Fresh Vitamin Nectar face mask (30ml, £21) this is a great morning mask that brings some instant glow to skin. Full review here. Would repurchase. Emma Hardie Purifying Detox Mask (50ml, £40)* is a great pink clay mask, works well in clearing out those pores! Full review here. Would repurchase. Lumene Nordic Hydra Hydration Recovery Aerating Gel Mask (150ml, £14.98) this was a great hydrating mask and perfect if you have any heat or irritation on your face, especially if you keep it in the fridge. Would repurchase. Arbonne Eye gels (not linking to MLM’s) were a gift from a friend and they were fine, but I don’t tend to support MLM’s. Wouldn’t repurchase.

October empties: Sheet Masks

October empties

Patchology Perk Up Eye gels (£15 for a pack of 5) love these eye gels. Would repurchase. Their Detox Smartmud (£28 for a pack of 5) was also great – it was a mud mask and a sheet mask in one! Would probably repurchase.

Starskin VIP Revitalizing Luxury Bio-cellulose Face Mask (£12.50) it was okay but wouldn’t repurchase. Timeless Truth Mask Bio-Cellulose Bee Venom (£11.19) was okay, felt hydrating, wouldn’t repurchase.

I would repurchase both of the Vitamasques masks, especially the jelly Aloe Vera one (£5.99)*, which was super soothing and the Fruit Enzyme Pineapple (£3.99)* felt quite hydrating.

Between the two hydrocolloid spot pimple patches I prefer the Rael Acne Healing Patch to the Cosrx Acne Pimple Master Patch (£4.49) but annoyingly I can’t find the Rael on Amazon anymore!

Lash Perfect Revive Brightening Eye Patches (£55 for a pack of 4)* have some microcurrent technology but I haven’t noticed any major changes while using those, but I’ve got a few more to try, so not sure yet!

Love Edellis Intensive Treatment Foot Mask (£3.60) worked well in moisturising my feet. Would repurchase.

What did you empty this month?

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