December 12, 2020

November empties

november beauty empties

November beauty empties are here! A little delayed but featuring many things I DIDN’T like

From the products I emptied in November I’d repurchase VERY few. That’s not super common with my posts and reviews as usually the products I don’t like, I stop using. However that’s more wasteful (unless you can gift them to a friend/family member that will use them up) and I’m trying to finish things up, even when I don’t like them. So I present to you EMPTIES mostly products I didn’t like!

Mini disclaimer: Keep in mind there are several reasons I didn’t like these products, including brand ethics and their views or actions towards Black Lives Matter, how they worked for me, how they smell etc. Overall, liking a product is a personal choice and just because something doesn’t work for me, doesn’t mean it won’t work for you! This is why I’m linking to the products I don’t like because YOU might.

November beauty empties face body hair

Candle empties

anya smells anya hindmarch candle

Spending more time at home means I burn more candles! The Zara Home Black Vanilla Candle (£11.99) (old packaging) smelled sooo good. But I can’t find a three-wick one any more, so maybe that’s not a repurchase! The Anya Hindmarch candle (£50)* love the packaging but is too expensive for a scent I’m not obsessed with. And the Sunday (£12)* was nice, but not super special as the scent wasn’t too strong so wouldn’t repurchase.

Cleanser and Face empties

Let’s start from my fave category (from the left) – cleansers! I finished two balm cleansers, I loved both but would only repurchase one. Emma Hardie Moringa Cleansing Balm (£47)* is one I’ve written about in the past. It will always be a repurchase! The Then I Met You Cleansing Balm (around £40 with shipping)* was really great, but it’s not as easily accessible as my Emma Hardie fave, so I don’t not if I’d repurchase.

Fenty Skin SPF (£32, £28 for refill) was one I was suuuper excited about. I loved it, it was juicy and left my skin feeling moisturised. Of course no white cast as we would expect from Rihanna’s brand AND it was refillable. Sounds perfect right? Well, I finished this bottle in 20 days, so I wouldn’t repurchase. They are launching in the UK later this month so I might reconsider depending on the price.

Carbon Theory Mud Mask (£11)* was good but a little too drying for me, would be better suited to oilier skin as I’m on the drier side, thanks to accutane. Disciple CBD 250mg (£30)* didn’t do anything for me, but I haven’t tried their higher doses! Marvis Toothpaste (£8.50) is great, plus it’s pretty and I’ve already repurchased. Nuxe Rêve de Miel lipbalm (£11) used to be one of my fave but I don’t feel it’s moisturising enough for me, anymore at least not in winter. For summer it works better but for now: I Wouldn’t repurchase. So…? Sorry Not Sorry Queen Cream Shower Yogurt (£5)* smells too sweet for my liking so wouldn’t repurchase. Slixir Hand & Nail Polish Cream (£14.95)* works well and helps my gel nails lasts longer but I have so many hand creams so wouldn’t repurchase. Beauty Bay Dot-a-Spot Blemish Stickers (£5.95)* your typical hydrocolloid blemish patches, work well and good price! Would repurchase.

Face, hair and makeup empties

November empties mio skincare omorovicza allies of skin review

Starting from left to right, the Allies of Skin 1A Retinal + Peptides Overnight Mask (£105)* is a GREAT beginner retinol and I highly highly recommend it! Personally, I wouldn’t repurchase it as I prefer a stronger retinoid. I’m posting a full review on my Instagram though, so keep an eye out for that! Omorovicza Daily Vitamin C (£99)* is a product I had high hopes for but sadly it didn’t work for me. For this price I expect my vitamin C to really work and I didn’t notice any changed in luminosity etc from this personally, though it seems to have great reviews. Wouldn’t repurchase. Kate Somerville Exfolikate (£72)* this packs a punch! I’ve reviewed it in the past but I simply don’t use it enough, so I wouldn’t repurchase. Having said that, the mini size is £21, so might be a good way to try! Tata Harper Water-Lock Moisturiser Starter Kit (£59)* I’ve reviewed this on my Instagram and due to their stance earlier this year during Black Lives Matter, I wouldn’t repurchase (nor support the brand). Fresh Rose Face Mask (£52) used to be my favourite hydrating mask, but at the minute I won’t repurchase as I have quite a few similar masks in my collection. I like the fac it features rose petals. I think the smaller size might be better as it lasts AGES! The top glitter eyeshadow is from Marks & Spencer I think, didn’t work well, wouldn’t repurchase.

Stila Magnificent Metals Liquid Eyeshadow (£24) is so sparkly and nice! I have other shades now, but I find they dry up after a while. Would repurchase. Tarte Shape Tape Concealer (£20) I used to love this but I’ve replaced it with the Uoma Beauty Concealer which is the same, if not better, and I’d rather support a Black-owned brand. Mio Skincare Liquid Yoga Bath Soak (£22)* is a product I’ve loved for years. Soothes muscles and smells like eucalyptus. Great if you feel like you’re catching a cold! The packaging is changed and it’s more eco-friendly – Would repurchase. Philip Kingsley Moisture Balance Shampoo (£17)* I love the brand but this shampoo was okay but I don’t remember it being amazing to be honest so, wouldn’t repurchase. Schwarzkopf Color Expert Conditioner (£4)* was way too light for my thick hair, it didn’t moisturise it very much so I wouldn’t repurchase. Windle & Moodie Ultra Nourishing Treatment Shampoo (£16.80)* is soft and nourishing and a lovely product. I would potentially repurchase.

So there we go! Out of the 24 products I finished this month, I would only repurchase 5!

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