March 15, 2019

Non overwhelming wellness, at anatomē

anatome, anatomē

It’s true that being healthy has become somewhat of a trend in the recent years, and anatomē is here to help with everything from vitamins and supplements to nutrition and fitness, showing you it’s not that hard to look after yourself or to make a lifestyle change.

At some point in your life you may have been convinced that you needed a supplement or vitamin complex and ended up taking five pills daily for about a month until you got bored of this and stopped. It can feel like a chore taking supplements and keeping fit, but anatomē promises to change that.

anatome, anatomē

Its first store was set in the heart of Shoreditch and recently moved to a bigger location in St James near Piccadilly Circus, to help with our busy lifestyles and daily needs. In a beautifully calming space, it offers a rich array of products, from supplements to teas and essential oils and it even gives nutritional advice.

Grab a coffee or one of its delicious juices or protein shakes, and listen as the in-house expert introduces you to apothecary oils designed to support different needs (there’s plenty of choices; if you don’t like lavender-based sleeping oils, for example, you’re in luck ‒ there’s a chamomile option). Anatomē also offers its own range of vitamins, supplements, and herbs. If you’re not sure what your body needs, something can be tailor-made for you. The packaging is as aesthetically pleasing as it is minimalist. Who doesn’t love products that look as good on your shelfie as they are useful?

If you’re a fitness fanatic this is a must-visit store. Yet by contrast, one key (and very positive) point to the shop is that if you aren’t up with the latest thinking about fitness and natural supplements, this is by no means a problem. Anatomē is not a shop with an overwhelmingly scientific or sporty environment and it won’t leave you feeling bad about yourself if you lack knowledge in these areas. It’s a tranquil, minimalist space with a Scandinavian feel; here you can learn, shop for supplements or simply enjoy a coffee while catching up on emails.

The design of the store was inspired by a combination of natural and sporting retreats, historic apothecaries and old wood-based gymnasia. It will host a variety of events in the coming year, such as yoga and mindfulness events, which you can find here.

The innovative fitness store and brand were launched by Brendan Murdock, who has also founded the famous barber shop Murdock London. I talked to him about the idea behind anatomē and about his favourite products.

Why did you want to create the anatomē brand and store?
Last year [2017] a few things happened for me, I sold my stake in the brand I created, Murdock London, I found my 40 birthday milestone swiftly disappearing into my memory and, maybe most importantly, I started paying a lot more attention to my physical health and emotional wellbeing. With these life changes afoot, I found myself looking for a retail environment where I could purchase high-quality contemporary health products while at the same time getting the expert advice I would need to incorporate them into my lifestyle. I quickly found such a store didn’t exist, and I thought I could address that. So anatomē was born and today we deliver an exceptionally high-quality, innovative, premium product range supported by nutritionists, aromachologists and sports scientists.

Has your own previous experience in the industry helped with this launch?
Yes. Consumers today are very discerning and have so much choice, and my past experience has given me an understanding about how we can create a unique experience in-store with wholesale partners ‒ and most importantly build a community. At Murdock London the strength of the brand was in producing a first-class barbering service, anchored with a unique retail offering and a strong community.

Anatome is refining this further. Our in-house nutritionists are trained to offer advice during formal appointments, thus creating an enthusiastic, knowledgeable culture in which customer service is key. Uniquely we are using our first venue for regular events, so there’s a club house feel. People can come every few weeks to learn about a particular topic or subject.

What has been your biggest struggle so far?
I think simply opening on time. It would have been good to have all our products made three months earlier, with enough time to go to press, but life often doesn’t work that way.

What is your favourite product at the anatomē store?
I really like the Recovery + Sleep essential oils (from £18). I’m finding that they really make going to bed more pleasurable. I apply oil behind my knees, on my feet and wrists and on the back of my head, which has seriously made my sleep deeper. I also need some Energy + Strength essential oil for when I get out of the shower, just to get me moving.

Dodger loves cuddles!

Who is the ideal customer for anatomē?
Right now, probably an urban customer over 30 years old who is thinking a lot about their diet and how to best support their endeavours.

Visit them here, and if you’re lucky you might even meet Brendan’s adorable dog!

anatomē, 2-4 Princes Arcade, St James’, London W1J 9DY

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