September 2, 2019

NEOM Organics Skincare review [+free sample]

neom organics skincare review
neom organics skincare review

If you know NEOM Organics, you will know their brand is all about wellness, from the inside out. I discovered their amazing candles a few years ago – their branding is simple and all about positivity. My favourite candle is the ‘Happiness’ one. So imagine my excitement when NEOM got in touch to introduce me to their new skincare range.

The ethos of the brand, in general, is all about natural beauty, connecting to nature and as expected this is the case with their skincare line. I’ve written about green beauty in the past and I personally use a mix of natural and chemical skincare products, but each skin is so different and only you know what will work for you, so keep that in mind while reading the below review! What I really like about the brand, in general, is that it brings wellbeing into beauty – two things that for me are very much connected. Beauty/skincare and self-care/wellbeing are part of the same circle for me and I enjoy finding brands that confirm that idea. For NEOM, in particular, it’s important to have products that will relieve stress, and lift your mood, both mind and body. The company makes all of its products in Britain, using sustainably-sourced materials, and no artificial perfumes.

The process of discovering the perfect products from the range is very simple – you fill out a super short quiz that asks about your skin, your sleep and you get your personalised kit suggestion, mine was ‘Great Day Glow’, which makes sense as I love love glowy skin!

They have kindly given me a code, where you can get a sample after filling out the short quiz, click HERE. The collection officially launched on the 1st of September, and it’s perfect all year round. Lightweight and lovely scents.

Though skincare for NEOM isn’t entirely new (they already have a few sleep focused products), the two new collections are their proper entry into skincare. Ultimate Calm is for soothing skin, the Great Day Glow is for radiance and the Perfect Night System (that was launched last year) is for nourishment, hydration and restoration of your skin.

At NEOM we believe that most skincare problems are caused by modern lifestyle – working late into the night, 10-hour meetings, zero sleep… Sound familiar? Well, we have the perfect antidote; our amazing NATURAL skincare range. Clean, simple and powerful, whether your life leaves your skin stressed out, unhappy, or tired, each and every product is packed with seriously good natural ingredients and a special blend of super-star essential oils to feed and treat your skin concern. Go natural, feel good.

Founder and Creative Director Nicola Elliott

The products

neom organics skincare review

The two products are thick gel cleanser and a daily serum. They both contain good for you oils and aim to nourish, as does the whole range, with a special focus on radiance. The hero ingredient is the turmeric root extract, a very potent anti-inflammatory ingredient. Paired with some oils like prickly pear, mandarin, rose and peppermint, these promise to leave your skin smooth and glowy. Sounds good to me!

In the interest of full disclosure, since I’ve stopped using oils on my face to help with acne, I decided to trial the serum on my neck area, and also asked my boyfriend to use it too in the morning before SPF. As he doesn’t normally use products like that I think his opinion will be quite objective since he doesn’t know a thing about skincare (but has picked up a bit from me!).

The Great Glow Face Wash is £25, the Great Glow Face Serum is £45, Great Glow Face Oil £42 and Moisturiser £40.


neom organics skincare review

I trialled both products for about 3 weeks, used the cleanser as a second cleanse at night and sometimes in the morning. I don’t always cleanse my face in the morning, which has actually helped my acne, I do rinse with water very well though!

The brand did 14-day customer trials, so I thought it would be good to test for a similar amount of time. I’ve been using the cleanser as my second cleanse at night, aimed to clean my skin, and the serum on my neck in the morning.

The serum is a light milk of sorts, it feels like it’s between a cream and a serum in terms of consistency. The cleanser is a balm-gel (light for a balm, thick for a gel), that I apply on dry skin and lightly emulsify with the addition of water.

My boyfriend was using the serum all over his face, and a few days after I gave it to him to try, he said his skin was a bit sticky for a few hours. I later realised he had been applying about 7 drops (1 whole pipette) of the product! He didn’t want to read the packaging so that he would form a proper/objective opinion about it, but he continued for the remaining 10+ days by applying 2-3 drops of product instead.

They both smell really nice, a bit citrusy but nothing overpowering. Also the cleanser doesn’t stink the eyes, which I have found with other natural cleansers.

neom organics skincare review


I absolutely love the cleanser, and it will be part of my routines for sure. It’s fresh and lightweight, smells fruity but isn’t overpowering. When I was wearing little make up it took it all off, otherwise, it’s an excellent second cleanse. The serum left my neck looking and feeling moisturised, it’s light but with some substance, you definitely need to wait a few minutes before continuing with your routine otherwise you might experience some pilling.

Regarding the serum, my boyfriend initially applied way too much as mentioned above. When I showed him the correct amount for application, he liked it more, however, he didn’t completely love it. He has normal skin but it left him oily by midday. I think this will be better suited to dry skins, or normal skin during wintertime, bear in mind we tested it in the summer. Also, I would personally reserve it for nighttime use instead of day time. Again, I won’t be able to use this on my face but the ingredients are perfect if you are using oils.

If you want to try the line click here to fill out the quiz (takes 2 minutes), and get your sample.

The skincare lines are available from the 1st of September; online on, in their four standalone stores; NEOM Wimbledon, Leeds, Kings Road in Chelsea and Guildford.

neom organics skincare review

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