May 7, 2011

“model” and “diversity” match?

Apparently they do. 

Models of Diversity (MoD), tries to maintain a diversity in models’ shape, colour, height and even abilities; as MoD have used disabled people as models. They recently had a fashion show in Oxford, and heir mission? Size 0. But they are not fighting for size 0, but against it — as a lot of designers have said they are doing, like Mark Fast

It is good that someone is finally doing this; models should be an inspiration and anorexia or any other disorder can only produce a negative role-model for women. This is what MoD is doing and taking it even a step further, showing how every woman is equal and should be her best self; they “sponsor modelling workshops for disabled people and fight inequality in the represantion of real men and women” (as stated in their website).

Angel Sinclair, a former model was the founder of MoD together with Sally Williams and started the campaign in 2008. They wanted to promote models that could successfully model and show the diversity of society when it comes to race, shape, age and abilities.

See more on their previous show here.

This kind of reminds me of the Dove campaigns, non?

xo F

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