September 25, 2015

Mini eurotrip

After a quick stopover in Paris (post here) we made our way through Switzerland and stopped in Geneva for a night and half a day. Now, I do have to admit that I wasn’t particularly excited with what we saw, there was a nice river (the Rhône) and I have to say we didn’t even make it to the Cathedral but otherwise I wasn’t entirely impressed. Maybe it was the wrong time to visit just when everyone was on holiday, or we didn’t know where to look. Nevertheless we had coffee and breakfast to two very cute and entirely different cafes.


Birdie serves coffee in any way you might imagine. Case in point the menu below. I went for a classic cappuccino but my companion opted for Aeropress; which pushes the coffee out of a tube and the longer you let it sit in your mug the stronger and more distinctive its taste becomes. That’s especially good with special aromatic varieties of coffee as you can really experience them properly. It’s a lovely and friendly environment for you to enjoy your coffee.

IMG_9925 22.35.23 IMG_9926_1 IMG_9927 22.35.23 IMG_9928 22.35.23 IMG_9932 22.35.23

I was wearing: Zara culottes (similar) | Zara top (similar) | Adidas Stan Smiths (here) | Callista bag (here

IMG_9943 22.35.23 IMG_9945 22.35.23 IMG_9946 22.35.23 IMG_9948 22.35.23

And then we arrived in Florence. Although it took much longer than that. But who am I to complain I was sleeping most of the time… Florence is gorgeous and I’m sad we couldn’t stay longer as we had a ferry to catch from Ancona. Our hotel was beautiful, it was right at the centre of the old town and I highly recommend it. Palazzo Alfieri recently had a makeover and it’s looking super slick and elegant while maintaining the traditional element of the palazzo. We had breakfast and a short walk along Arno river and were on our way.

IMG_9958 22.35.23 IMG_9960 22.35.23 IMG_9965 22.35.23 IMG_9977 22.35.23 IMG_9982 22.35.23 IMG_9983 22.35.23 IMG_9986 22.35.23 IMG_9988 22.35.23 IMG_9989 22.35.23 IMG_9993 22.35.23

I was wearing: same top, shoes and bag as above, Mango trousers (similar), Panama hat (from a small store in Greece but similar here)

IMG_9996 22.35.23


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