September 29, 2016

Milos photo diary

Milos, one of the most breath-taking islands I have been to in Greece, is known as the birth place of Aphrodite, the Goddess of beauty and love, who was born out of the sea. It is the perfect place for relaxation, and particularly family or couple vacations. The island was created through volcanic lava millions of years ago. The traditional Cycladic architecture of blue and white is in harmony with the mesmerising views of the turquoise sea and bright sunset.


Where to eat

Medousa located in the village of Mandrakia in the north of the island is an excellent choice, particularly before the sun sets, so that you can enjoy the beautiful views as well as the amazing food. It is best known for its excellent seafood as Mandrakia is a fishing village.

Ergina is close to the centre of the island (Plaka) in the village of Tripiti. There you can find traditional Greek dishes in a classic island environment overlooking the sea

Archodoula is probably one of the most well known restaurants located in the centre of the ancient town, Plaka. It started as a coffee shop decades ago and was turned into a taverna in the 90s. Meat comes from the family farm and most of the produce is also locally sourced.

Palaios is an excellent spot for breakfast, coffee or dessert as it is open all day long. They make a special pie from watermelon, which I know sounds weird but it is a must! Service can be a bit slow, but good overall

Aggeliki is close to the port of Adamantas and is a must if you have a sweet tooth – especially for ice cream!

Where to swim

Sarakiniko is a rocky beach on the north of the island. The whole cliff is rocky and white, thus resembling the moon. There are no sun-beds or canteen and try to go early as it gets crowded very easily. Many little caves to explore and also a shipwreck.IMG_2856 IMG_2865 IMG_2872

Sarong from Mykonos (similar) | American Apparel bikini top (similar) | Soludos x Jason Polan espadrilles (here) | Vintage bandana (similar


Pretending to be a yogi (as you do) on the white-washed lunar rocks of Sarakiniko

Firiplaka is on the south of the island and it is one of the most popular choices among visitors and seeing the turquoise waters it isn’t hard to understand why. There are sun-beds and a beach bar. Next to it is the beach of Tsigradowhere you have to climb down the cliff to reach it. It is a very small cove, and it is well worth the effort.

Palaiochori is located under the cliff, and beautifully combines the red-toned rocks (connected to the mining industry of the island) and the crystal-clear waters. And it is also relatively quiet, with a small beach bar. Not too far is Agia Kyriaki, which has to be the most ‘commercial’ out of the ones we went to. The water is very beautiful but the music is a bit louder, so depends what you are looking for. It also offers some water sports.


 Crystal clear at Agia Kyriaki

IMG_3028 Palaiochori

Missoni bikini (similar) | Missoni headband (similar, similar, similar) | River Island cover-up (similar, similar)

IMG_3053 IMG_3054 IMG_3056

Kleftiko can only be approached by sea, and it is definitely one of the must see’s of the island. The little caves and rocky cliffs just beg to be explored! We went on a day tour of the island with one of the many sailing boats. The one we used is called Excellent Yachting and I would highly recommend it.  The crew was very friendly and attending, making sure we had enough drinks, water, food and also taking some fun underwater pictures. Contact them here if you are interested! It leaves from Adamantas – next to the main port – or Provatas if it’s very windy, around 10am and brings you back around 7pm. Depending on the weather it takes a different journey, we only managed to go around the south side of the island, but if you can you should take the route that goes by the island of Polyaigos as well. It is a small, uninhabited island between Milos and Kimolos.


The famous Kleftiko cave

IMG_2731 IMG_2755 IMG_2759 IMG_2769 IMG_2784 IMG_2789 IMG_2800

Unreal, isn’t?!

What to see

Klima is a traditional fishing village, with multi-coloured houses. Very pretty and perfect for pictures and a glass of wine by the sea front. There are also a couple shops selling hand-made souvenirs from the island, like the yellow one below

img_3068 img_3074 img_3075 img_3111

Victoria’s Secret swimsuit (similar, similar) | Missoni headband | Céline sunglasses | DIY Levi’s cut-offs (similar)

img_3083 img_3085 img_3119 img_3095 img_3099 img_3147 img_3158 img_3167

Plaka is the centre of the island, which is not too far from the port of Adamantas. Perfect for afternoon walks and to see the breathtaking sunset. The best sunset spot is behind the church.

IMG_2987 IMG_2996 IMG_2999 IMG_3005 IMG_3011

DIY Levi’s shorts (similar) | Treis sandals (similar) | Céline sunglasses (here on sale!)

img_3176 img_3221 img_3177 img_3180 img_3195 img_3206 img_3194 img_3204

Wearing my amazing 180 Degrees kimono that matches the sunset

Pollonia is another good sunset spot and we found it to be a bit less tourist-y. It is the island’s second largest port. Have a drink at Salt while the sun dives into the endless blue of the sea and the sky turns pink. I’m told Salt is also an excellent hotel and spa.


Sunset at Salt in Pollonia

IMG_2951 IMG_2957 IMG_2980

The Catacombs are the oldest monument of Christianity and they were also used as municipal cemetery. They are located close to the village of Tripiti.

The old Sulphur Mines are the oldest mining business of Greece located on the east side of the island. You can still see remainders of the offices and items of the people working in the mines. There is also a Mining Museum on the island.

If you’ve ever been or decide to go to Milos I’d love to hear about your experience!

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