August 19, 2015

MBFWB – Day 2/3

I’ve already talked about the first day at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin (you can read all about that here). The second and third day come with a bit of a delay which I apologise for but I was away and not connected to my laptop and technology (Instagram doesn’t count, right?!).

IMG_8944 11.41.31 IMG_8949 11.41.31

The day started with Anja Gockel‘s silky prints and out of bed curls. There were some interesting shapes as well as the occasional sequin to break the prints up.

IMG_8948 11.41.31 IMG_8976 11.41.31 IMG_9020 11.41.31

My favourite show was that of Louise Friedlaender set in a beautiful location, aptly named The Apartment. The traditional high ceiling building (who doesn’t love high ceilings?!) has previously housed the team of Vogue. The show started off with live music as presented by a singer and a pianist and the nicest clothes. Minimalistic and elegant was the core of this collection, with flowy dresses, fringing, skirts and knits. The neutral palette was juxtaposed with pops of colour like yellow and red and some amazing accessories; multi-bead necklaces and knitted bags.

IMG_9019 11.41.31 IMG_9016 11.41.31 IMG_9013 11.41.31 IMG_9011 11.41.31 IMG_9007 11.41.31 IMG_9003 11.41.31 IMG_9001 11.41.31 IMG_8998 11.41.31 IMG_8997 11.41.31 IMG_8996 11.41.31 IMG_8995 11.41.31 IMG_8994 11.41.31 IMG_8992 11.41.31 IMG_8988 11.41.31 IMG_9023 11.41.31 IMG_8985 11.41.31 IMG_8983 11.41.31 IMG_8982 11.41.31 IMG_8980 11.41.31 IMG_9028 11.41.31Lunch was at Clärchens Ballhausan old ballroom of 100 years old. Every few nights a week they still operate as a ballroom with a variety of music choices.
IMG_9029 11.41.31 IMG_9030 11.41.31 IMG_9031 11.41.31

IMG_9033 11.55.29 IMG_9035 11.55.30 IMG_9050 11.55.30

Rebekka Ruétz presented models and clothes inspired by legendary painter Frida Kahlo.

IMG_9073 11.55.30 IMG_9091 11.55.30 IMG_9095 11.55.30

My outfit for that day was night and day time appropriate – even though I wore shorts they had a fun print on, which didn’t make it too serious and I paired it with my favourite sparkly headband.

IMG_9099 11.55.30

I was wearing: Zara skorts (here – on sale!) | Two Hunting Pearls top (email) | Cos flatforms (similar) | Deepa Gurnani headband (similar

IMG_9101 11.55.30 IMG_9105 11.55.30 IMG_9114 11.55.29 IMG_9119 11.55.29

Final show of the day (and of Berlin Fashion Week for me as I had to leave early the next day) was Julian Zigerli that took place in Geschichtspark Moabit, a park across the central train station, Hauptbahnhof. The collection was named ‘White Rabbit’ and was an eclectic mix of prints, shapes and really cool shades. Whoever said men can’t wear colour was clearly wrong and Zigerli shows the way.IMG_9124 11.55.30 IMG_9125 11.55.30 IMG_9129 11.55.30 IMG_9134 11.55.30 IMG_9143 11.55.30 IMG_9145 11.55.30 IMG_9146 11.55.30 IMG_9147 11.55.30 IMG_9148 11.55.30 IMG_9150 11.55.30 IMG_9151 11.55.29 IMG_9170 11.55.30

Dinner was at Crackers a cool restaurant, sister of the legendary Cookies & Cream. The music and cocktails were great, the atmosphere was buzzing and the food was delicious. Definitely recommend. The only problem for me was that there wasn’t much light so you couldn’t really see what you were eating!

IMG_9180 11.55.29

For starters we had burrata (I love this – it’s basically like a more liquid mozzarella) and beef carpaccio.

IMG_9183 11.55.30

And for main, salmon fillet and a mushroom risotto which were both really good. A bit salty for my liking though.IMG_9185 11.55.29 IMG_9189 11.55.30 IMG_9192 11.55.30

We also spotted designer Esther Perbandt who coincidentally had her after-show party at Crackers. 

IMG_9205 11.55.30 IMG_9214 11.55.30

Oh we also had the most delicious, creamy cheesecake for dessert!

IMG_9216 11.55.30 IMG_9217 11.55.30

My half (last) day constituted of a huge breakfast in the cutest little cafe, House of Small Wonder. Its original location was in Brooklyn and the Berlin branch opened last December. The warm, cosy atmosphere makes you feel right at home, with many interesting decorative items all around. The food is organic and has many Japanese influences in flavour (such as the matcha tea latte below).IMG_9218 11.55.30 IMG_9220 11.55.30 IMG_9221 11.55.30

Croque Madame with scrambled eggs

IMG_9224 11.55.29

The most delicious homemade croissant with avocado and homemade goats cheese

IMG_9225 11.55.30

Yogurt and granola

IMG_9226 11.55.30 IMG_9227 11.55.30 IMG_9229 11.55.30 IMG_9232 11.55.29

Thyme scrambled eggs in a buttery croissant

IMG_9233 11.55.30

French toast with maple syrup

IMG_9237 11.55.30 IMG_9239 11.55.30 IMG_9244 11.55.30 IMG_9248 11.55.30 IMG_9252 11.55.30

We also stopped by trade show Bread & Butter in Tempelhof, the old airport. I had never been to a trade show before and it was quite interesting discovering new brands from Germany and other parts of the world.

Thanks Berlin for a lovely welcome, I will be coming back soon!

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