September 7, 2015

Master of the Arts

With my official graduation from Central Saint Martins, I realised that the real world isn’t as fun as it’s being advertised! Although I have finished for a few months now, the graduation ceremony at Royal Festival Hall made it feel even more real – not to mention scary! I’m not a student anymore and will probably never be again unless I decide to do a PhD, or another Masters. Not knowing what lies ahead can be pretty scary, I get that. But it’s also a chance for you to explore new possibilities and opportunities.

IMG_9374 IMG_9386

New bff Phoebe 

IMG_9392 IMG_9524 IMG_9532 IMG_9557

Looking slightly out of place within the sea of businessmen in Waterloo  IMG_9573

I was wearing: Hervé Léger dress (similar, similar) | Sergio Rossi sandals (similar) | Prada clutch bag (similar)

IMG_9578 IMG_9583 IMG_9590 IMG_9596 IMG_9599 IMG_9602 IMG_9610

With my friend Elena, designer of Two Hunting Pearls

IMG_9618 IMG_9622 IMG_9628

To celebrate we headed with my family to Alan Pickett in Sanderson HotelI’ve always loved this place for its modern and elegant vibe but had only had drinks in the Long Bar in the past. The atmosphere was great and matched the day perfectly; we were seated in the beautifully decorated garden and enjoyed our food as the afternoon light slowly faded away.

IMG_9645 IMG_9646 IMG_9648 IMG_9651

Barley risotto


Chicken fillet


Yummy tart with berries and lemon ice cream


Berry panna cotta 

IMG_9658 IMG_9660

After a few hours of standing and running around I had to change into a comfier pair of shoes and blue Tod’s loafers were what I went for (find them on sale here!)

Congratulations to anyone who graduated this summer!

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