May 12, 2015

Liz Earle Haircare Range

Liz Earle is a company I have been hearing about in the beauty world for quite a while but have never actually tried any of their products. Their newly re-launched haircare range was a good place to start, and after trying the oil out at their press day, I was sold!


Botanical Shine Conditioner* | Botanical Shine Nourishing Hair Oil* | Botanical Shine Shampoo*

IMG_7703I have now been using their three products for about a month, so I think I have a proper view of what they do. The shampoo is sulphate-free, which means there are no nasty, drying ingredients. I have been using sulphate-free shampoos for a while now and quite like them, it is strange at first because it doesn’t lather up as much as normal shampoo does. So you might think it’s not cleaning your hair – but it is. The Liz Earle shampoo is a bit more lathering than the others I’ve tried and has a nice, subtle smell of apple and orange and it also has shea butter to nourish your hair.

IMG_7713 £10 | £17.5 | £10

The conditioner and hair oil are both silicone-free, which means there’s no disgusting, sticky feel and they are infused with Kalahari melon oil; which has strong moisturisation and reparatory properties. I have to say I prefer this oil to Moroccan Oil, which I’ve been using for years, as it is less condensed almost and I feel the softness in my hair many days after I used it. And it’s cheaper! It works well on wet hair as a heat-protectant and also after you’ve dried them for extra shine and softness. It also has coconut oil and radish seed oil.IMG_7715IMG_7714

I have been liking all of the products and they have helped my hair become significantly softer in the past few weeks. Of course I still use a stronger hair mask once a week, my preferred one at the moment is the Macadamia Natural Oil Deep Repair Mask as a treatment.

I’m no expert, but some tips I have in my mental notes from personal experience are:

1. Of course regular hair trims are essential, I know opinions are diverted regarding this, but I have personally seen a difference when I cut my hair every about 8 weeks. If your hair is damaged, it will not only grow slower but also you will have to cut out more when you actually decide to make the dreadful trip to the hairdressers. Believe me I used to go once a year to cut my hair a tiny bit, but it had never been as healthy as it is now.

2. For shine and hair growth, use cold water (the colder the better) on your hair when washing off your conditioner. Cold water activates the hair follicles, which will make your hair grow more and shine.

3. Hair mask treatment once a week, as previously mentioned. Leave it on for at least 30 mins. Or do an overnight treatment.

4. Don’t comb through your hair when they are wet, this will only break it. I use a Tangle Teezer and brush from the bottom up, being as gentle as possible. I’ve heard the Wet brush is good too, but haven’t tried it myself.

5. After the holidays, when your hair has been exposed to sun and sea salt and it’s not looking its best, do a mask with olive oil; I know it sounds bizarre but it’s the best. To wash it off, put shampoo on dry hair, as this will help dissolve the oil. And while on the holiday subject – use an SPF spray on your hair while on the beach/pool/sun to help protect it. My favourite is this one by French brand Phyto.

What are your hair care tips and favourite products?

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