May 1, 2020

Lion/ne bespoke skin consultation review

Lion/ne consultation = The perfect way to see if you or a loved one are using the right products for you and how to cut out all the marketing terms of brands. I test it out to see.

Lion/ne is your one stop shop for your skin needs, easy to access, a wonderful team and straight to the point advice. I really appreciate companies that don’t bring up all the marketing terms and focus on things that work. Essentially lion/ne are somewhere in between a derm and an advisor, but they are trustworthy.

The skin consultation process

A couple of months ago I was lucky enough to try the Crème de la Crème consultation with Lion/ne and I wanted to take your through the process and my results.

First you discuss your current routine, including your general lifestyle, food choices, stress levels and any medication you are taking – they call it a ‘skinterview’ which is the perfect description. When I had my appointment I was on month 2 of roaccutane, so my routine was very hydration-focused and minimal, I had some breakouts too.

Then you get your head in the OBSERV machine, which uses a special UV technology and takes photos to reveal the pigmentation, skin texture and how well you apply sunscreen! This is so so interesting as it’s not something you can find easily. I hadn’t tried it before and was looking forward to seeing the results. To be honest I was a bit stressed about my levels of UV damage from being younger and not particularly diligent with sunscreen.

The consultation lasts for 45 minutes and it’s £90. The team is so so lovely and I really enjoyed my appointment. I then had to wait for the results and the personalised plan they would create for me, delivered within 2 weeks over What’s App. They are always available on What’s App to help with questions and I really appreciate that as it shows how much they care about their clients.

And now for the fun part! The photos from the OBSERV machine and the super detailed product and routine recommendations for me. I won’t go into too much detail but see some snippets of what they’ve put together for me below. I really appreciate the fact it’s so detailed, created specifically for me and my needs and other issues like stress.

My Lion/ne consultation results

My results weren’t as bad as I thought so it seems I’m doing things right! On the colour, there is some pigmentation which is normal and something I want to address after my roaccutane course with a laser treatment with my dermatologist.

My texture is apparently “really amazing” which I wasn’t expecting! I have some milia under my eyes, these aren’t spots, they are a build-up of keratin protein and can be caused by heavy creams. I’ve had them for years and plan to tackle them at some point – these should only be extracted by a professional!

Finally True UV reveals the true skin type and application of products. My current skin type is dry, because the roaccutane dries out the sebaceous glands, removing the oil. So my results may not be accurate overall, but they definitely characterise my current skin type due to the medication. Also, the whiter parts of the photo reveal the spots I forgot to apply sunscreen on, I admit that day I was in a bit of a hurry but have been more careful to go all the way up my hairline and around my nose/brows since.

They also talk about your specific Skin Condition (mine is acne/breakouts) and Skin Mood, which is connected to extrinsic factors like lifestyle, genetics, hormones etc.

They’ve also included a section of what I need to avoid while on roaccutane which is so so great!! This would be super helpful for anyone that doesn’t have a private dermatologist, as what I’ve found out with my NHS dermatologist is he offered absolutely no guidance in terms of products. Luckily, I knew what I had to use and what should be avoided, but I know that’s not always the case! It also shows how dedicated the Lion/ne team are in including all the different factors of your life in your report.

The product recommendations

As I’m on roaccutane they’ve added in some products that I can use after I finish the treatment – my current routine is much more simplified. Each step comes with a detailed paragraph as to why this product is suitable and needed for me.

AM routine

Rinse with water + cloth
Antioxidant serum or Vitamin C (post roaccutane): Exuviance Bionic Tonic Pads
Hydrating serum: SkinCeuticals Hydrating B5
Moisturiser: Avène Hydrance Aqua-Gel
SPF: The Elta MD, which I need to try at some point!! It’s not readily available here.

PM routine

First cleanse with balm + flannel: Omorovicza Thermal Cleansing Balm
Second cleanse with gel: Dr. Sam’s Flawless Cleanser (love it, see more here)
Exfoliant (post roaccutane): Garden of Wisdom PHA Plus Serum
Hydrating serum: SkinCeuticals Phyto Corrective Serum
Moisturiser: Paula’s Choice Omega+ Complex [strengthens skin barrier]

And some extras like a gravity blanket, retinol and lip balm with SPF. All the products recommended can be ordered directly by them and delivered to you to make it easier!

Finally they give a calendar with what I should be doing every day, which is so smart, I know a lot of people can be overwhelmed when they see all the different serums and steps they need to have, so this is a helpful way of breaking it down.

About Lion/ne

Founded by Ksenia Selivanova and Megan Felton after meeting during their MA degree, tired with the over-saturated beauty industry they wanted to offer people a 360 approach to skincare, without the shiny marketing terms of brands and influencers. They are both qualified in Level 4 Advanced Skin Science and Level 4 Skin Health and Lifestyle Assessment.

They take appointments in their studio in Notting Hill and often do pop-ups too.

Apart from the consultation I had, there’s another version, called L’Essence. It won’t be as detailed but a good option if you want a general idea of how to change your routine, but there are no product recommendations or brands mentioned. Currently, they offer La Cozy; a virtual one-on-one consultation (corona virus and all!) on Zoom for £35. With that, you get a 7-day skincare plan, as a taster and then you can book in for more! See more info here.

Follow them on Instagram at Lion/ne.ldn

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