April 10, 2019

Lash Lift at Lash Perfect Beauty Bar Review

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Even if you’re not interested in beauty you will have definitely noticed the craze with big, fluttery lashes the past few years. Thank the Kardashian-Jenners for sure, as with most trends, although this one can be a bit problematic the way I see it but that’s a whole different conversation. The point is I tried an LVL (that stands for lengthen, volume, lift) lash lift, an 8-week treatment that curls your lashes. It’s essentially a mini perm for your lashes, and I got mine done at Lash Perfect Beauty Bar in Soho.

I had this done just before I went on holidays, and wanted to wait a bit before reviewing the treatment, to observe the results and any issues with my lashes. The positive thing is they were none! I have had lash extensions previously (twice to be exact), the girl that did them was very professional and did a great job, and I was taking care of the extensions and lashes a lot (cleaning them and brushing them as appropriate), but I definitely experienced lash fall out of my own lashes, and they were then brittle and shorter than before the extensions. I do have pretty full lashes naturally, and the lash extensions made my lashes even nicer, but due to the negative effects I wouldn’t do them again.

LVL now is a different conversation, as I would recommend this treatment 100%. I think even short lashes will benefit from the treatment, and it works to enhance what you already have.

How is the Lash Lift done?

At Lash Perfect Beauty Bar you can choose from a smaller/tighter curl or a bigger curl, I went for the smaller more dramatic one so that the effects would last longer too.


Without the technical terms, what essentially happens is; first a protective sticker is applied under your eyes (kind of like an eye mask), this shouldn’t feel uncomfortable, and then the lashes are curled over this and kind of ‘stuck down’ with the special serum. You might feel a bit of pulling at this point but it’s not too much. The serum has to dry for a while, about 15 minutes, and soon after you are ready to enjoy your new lashes. The whole treatment takes about 1 hour to complete, it’s not painful at all and you might even fall asleep (I definitely did)! If you wish you can also tint them, which would be particularly beneficial if you are blonde or have lighter lashes. I personally didn’t tint mine as the colour wouldn’t really show up anyway.

Post treatment

After the treatment you shouldn’t touch them or get them wet for 24 hours. It is also recommended that you don’t use a waterproof mascara but normal mascara is fine. But honestly you won’t even want to apply mascara in general.

This is perfect for summer, but all year round they will look great, and help to put on makeup and looking put-together so much easier.

I highly recommend the treatment and the professional staff at LP Beauty Bar. My lash lift definitely lashed longer than 8 weeks, but I didn’t apply mascara very often and took care when removing makeup. Will be back soon!

Lash Lift £42, with tint £55

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