December 10, 2014

Lainey Keogh cashmere sale at SHOWstudio

Wintertime is well upon us so what better way to warm up than cashmere? Hats and scarves by Irish knitwear designer, Lainey Keogh will be exclusively sold at SHOWstudio Shop till the 19th of December. They are £195 and you can get them in the most beautiful colours of the rainbow. It’s definite there will be a colour you like! And they make the perfect Christmas gift.

10850402_10152351910320876_752012645_nLainey Keogh is an Irish fashion designer specialising in knitwear. She studied microbiology but soon discovered her love for knitting, which started out as a hobby. She sources her cashmere from Italy and works with local producers, so everything is handmade. She also works with an artist, so some of her cardigans and jumpers have beautiful embroideries on.10822534_10152351910220876_1066598992_n

She no longer have stockists in Europe but you can find her clothes and accessories in places such as Los Angeles, New York and San Francisco. Just for today though, she is doing an exclusive sale at SHOWstudio with a variety of products from jumpers, to cardigans and also men’s jackets in a variety of colours, all in the softest kind of cashmere you can find.

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19 Motcomb Street

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  1. Please would you let me know of any other sales including Lainey Cashmere or other Lainey (Keogh) products? Many thanks, Paula

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