October 4, 2019

Katie Jane Hughes shares her top 10 makeup tips

katie jane hughes top makeup tips
Last night I attended a live makeup demo of Katie Jane Hughes in collaboration with Elemis and John Lewis.

If you don’t know Katie Jane Hughes, she’s a celebrity and editorial makeup artist based in NYC. If you’ve ever observed Rosie Huntington Whiteley’s glow, Katie is most likely to be responsible for it! So imagine my excitement when I got the chance to see her live.

Katie creates her glow mostly using skincare, and that’s why having that good juicy base will help your makeup last for longer, no one wants dry, crusty makeup right?

Katie’s top tips

  1. Any sort of application with a brush should be very very light, like icing a cake, the skin shouldn’t move around. If the bristles are bending you are pressing too hard!
  2. Powder should be applied like you’re touching a butterfly and you don’t want to damage its wings. Applied with a really small eye blending brush, around the nose, around the mouth, if you have eyeliner apply it on the side. Anyplace the skin would ‘crack’ or crease.
  3. Whatever product is leftover on the concealer brush, take it over the ears if they are showing as this will bring the look together, otherwise, you might get a little red ear showing!
  4. Oil should be a mixing ingredient: eg. mix oil with concealer as a kind or glow/highlighter, with a cream blush to make it juicier.
  5. If you have something in your makeup bag that’s safe to use in multiple places, just go for it. I’ve taken that tip in the past and actually used a liquid lipstick as eyeshadow and it looked so good! The easiest product to do this with though is the Nars multiple stick.
  6. Not so much a makeup tip, but Katie mentioned she always has a towel while doing makeup – to clean the brush in between, which is something I will definitely be doing in the future.
  7. Moisturiser should be used to help with the glow, so apply on high points of cheeks, collarbone, tip of the nose, and avoid the T-zone
  8. If you have freckles or a mole that you want to show, take a really small brush and you can add some oil to go over the places you want to show.
  9. If you need to refresh your makeup in the afternoon, take your face brush, use any sort of mist and lightly tap over the areas that are likely to gather more product, eg. under eyes.
  10. If you have product build-up, creasing etc, you are using too much product!

Also, brush brands don’t really matter, as long as they fit their purpose. Katie used a medium-sized brush for her base, a similar one is this by Real Techniques.

I got to chat to her a bit after the event, and she was so sweet and super talkative despite her long busy days in London.

The £40 ticket came with a very generous goody bag, and £20 could be redeemed against a purchase. I went for the Acid pads that Katie often uses as prep before makeup.

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