January 14, 2019

Kate Somerville in the UK + mini review

When a brand with a massive following (171K on Instagram to be exact) and many cult products (especially the Goat Milk range) finally launches (or re-launches) in the UK, it’s a big thing. Kate Somerville used to be available a few years ago, but officially came back now. PSA: It has now launched at SpaceNK too!

In the past, when visiting the US I had purchased the Goat Milk moisturizing cream (gone through two tubs of this and really enjoyed it for the summer in particular) and the de-puffing eye balm I and I would use both again. So was very interested in using more of the range.

The Kate Somerville line is set up in different categories that are pleasantly colour-coded; orange for ExfoliKate, the glow and exfoliation, fuchsia for Wrinkle Warrior, pink and blue for EradiKate, for the blemish-prone bunch of us, white and light blue for the oil-free range, grey for anti-aging and green for the sensitive skin types.

Kate Somerville is all about the glow – cleansed skin, exfoliated and healthy. The American aesthetician with over 25 years of experience and a glam clinic in LA founded her brand to offer similar effects at home. As I haven’t tried the full range, I don’t want to judge the whole brand, but honestly, with what I’ve seen and what I’ve used, I believe she’s achieved that g(l)o(w)al.

Kate Somerville Wrinkle Warrior*, £80 (here)
Kate Somerville ExfoliKate*, £72 (here)

On to these two products though. Let me tell you, ExfoliKate is intense. You leave it on for 2 minutes (1 if you have sensitive skin) and believe me it’s enough. It is indeed green, but it should be applied in a thin layer, and massage it in for about 30 seconds. You will go red afterward, so I wouldn’t personally use it during the day, but ideally at night followed by a hydrating cream or oil. I recently read on Michelle (Lab Muffin)’s blog that she uses it in the shower, so that would be a good idea to help you keep it on just the right amount of time.

The Wrinkle Warrior 2-in-1 moisturiser and serum is interesting so far, it’s meant to plump the skin while it hydrates. I haven’t found a moisturiser I absolutely love so far, but maybe this is the one! When it gets colder I would personally layer it with a hydrating hyaluronic acid serum (the Indeed Labs Hydraluron lotion would be a good choice I think) as its consistency is more lightweight, gel-like so perhaps not enough for proper winter weather.

If you want a proper overview, and what to opt for from the whole line watch this great video from Caroline Hirons.

The launch event in Soho was very fun, with different rooms for all the different sections, complete with a bath of milk (for the goat milk range – it was very inviting indeed!).

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