August 5, 2019

Is ZitSticka the answer to cystic spots?

If you’ve ever had a spot you will probably have used a (hydrocolloid) spot sticker in an attempt to wake up spot-free? Here’s where ZitSticka comes in, a new version of the classic spot sticker, with added micro darts.

zitsticka KILLA review
ZitSticka Spot Clarifying Patch Kit, £28

ZitSticka Kit

The box contains 8 ‘Cleana’ cleaning pads and 8 ‘Killa’ microdart stickers. The 24 microdarts self-dissolve while the skin absorbs the ingredients to kill the spot. These include; salicylic acid, a beta-hydroxy-acid (BHA) to clarify, niacinamide/B3 that helps with redness and irritation, hyaluronic acid to moisturise as there’s nothing worse than drying out a spot completely, OG-76, a peptide that helps underlying spots according to the website.

‘Cleana’ also contains salicylic acid, as well as alcohol, vitamin E and tea tree oil.

ZitSticka KILLA patch review

ZitSticka KILLA Trial

These arrived at a perfect time, just as a massive cystic spot was developing in between my brows. Horrible and painful. So ZitSticka to the test. You can leave on for a few hours or overnight, which is what I normally do with my spot products.

The next day the spot had become smaller for sure, but due to its original size I would need a bit more help!

And on another spot below between the brows to the right…

ZitSticka KILLA verdict

These are great to use on those pesky under-the-skin cystic spots. The product generally works, and I’m happy I got them, but they are on the expensive side, considering you get 8 patches. I keep them for ‘special spots’ and use only in spot emergencies.

There is also a lot of packaging, with every patch wrapped individually. I understand the darts have to be ‘protected’ but I hope they find another way to do so! They have tried different ways to solve this but haven’t found a way that wouldn’t compromise on the patches’ efficacy.

Where to buy? I got these online at CultBeauty (free delivery within the UK over £15), and it’s also available on their own website, and Boots (yay to loyalty points!).

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