April 26, 2019

Interview with Helen Bannayan, founder of Emulsion Cosmetics

emulsion cosmetics personalised cosmetics helen bannayan interview q&a

Emulsion Cosmetics is built on the concept of personalised beauty for face, body and hair. Create the product that perfectly fits your needs by combining a base with add-ons that include essential oil blends, fragrances and exfoliants – the Emulsion website makes helpful suggestions when you enter your skin type and needs. I spoke to Emulsion’s founder, Helen Bannayan about the company and its vision. Read on for more!

emulsion cosmetics personalised cosmetics helen bannayan interview q&a

What led you to create Emulsion cosmetics? 
Beauty is a huge passion of mine and always has been. I believe you need to take proper care and invest in yourself, in order to make sure you stay healthy. I noticed, when using my favourite skincare products, that nothing was customisable. My bathroom cupboard and make-up bag were full to the brim with face creams and bases that were all fundamentally the same, but had one or two variable ingredients to target skin concerns on different days. I decided to lead a revolution in the skincare market and created a number of workable bases that could be customised to any skin concerns or needs. And thus, Emulsion Cosmetics was born.

emulsion cosmetics personalised cosmetics helen bannayan interview q&a

How is beauty and skincare different in the UK and Europe, and in the Middle East?
Overall, in both markets skincare and beauty is a huge industry. The passion and willingness to take care of one’s appearance remains the same, which is why we were so excited to launch into the UK and grow our audience from the Middle East.

Has your previous experience helped with the launch of your own brand?
I have had experience running a number of businesses and have learned from my years in the industry. From previous learnings, knowledge and experience is key to success. However, overall, passion is what drove me to launch Emulsion.

emulsion cosmetics personalised cosmetics helen bannayan interview q&a

Who is your ideal customer?
Emulsion’s ideal customer is aware of themselves and knows what they want – someone who is willing to go out there and get it, an individualistic non-conformist who dares to be different.

emulsion cosmetics personalised cosmetics helen bannayan interview q&a

Do you have a favourite product combination from your line?
I absolutely love the Dry Oil base, the Face Cream Base and the Oil Serum Base, combined with the Secret Weapon add-on and the All Nighter add-on. I find these blends really nourish my skin. I usually apply before bed to wake up with smoother, plumper skin. For the daytime, I love the raspberry and chamomile fragrance, as well as the oud fragrance. I put one or two drops on my wrists and behind my ears instead of perfume some days, and notice the fresh scents throughout the day.

What was the biggest challenge as you launched the business?
The hardest thing I have found is educating consumers on how versatile the range is, and how it is easy to both choose and use your customisable blend.

And the proudest moment so far? 
Emulsion’s proudest moment so far was when we were recognised by the industry as finalists in the Pure Beauty Awards for the best new innovation, and in the Beauty Industry Awards as best indie brand. 

What is your all-time favourite skincare product?
My favourite skincare product – apart from all of Emulsion, of course – is Dior face cream.

And your all-time favourite make-up?
My all-time favourite make up product is Guerlain foundation. I wear it every day and have noticed that using the Emulsion Face Cream Base prior to foundation application means it stays on much better and is much easier to apply.

What sets you apart from other custom-made products?
At Emulsion we have made sure that the bases are formulated perfectly, and their efficacy is excellent, making them a standalone product as well as a base. The add-ons are safe to be used as much as required and can help with a number of skincare needs. The formulation opportunities are endless, meaning there is something for everyone, we are proud to say.

What are the best-selling products so far?
So far, the best-selling products are the Face Cream Base, the Aqueous Serum Base, the Oil Serum Base and the Dry Oil Base.

You are already stocked at Beauty Bay – what would be the dream stockist for your brand?
I am very proud to be stocked at Beauty Bay. Ideally I would love my products to be available to as many people as possible, so we are always looking at new and exciting avenues.

How would you like to expand Emulsion in the future?
Although Emulsion is a new brand, we believe customisable beauty led by Emulsion will boom. This year we are expanding further into the Middle East as well as looking into availability in Hong Kong and India.

Find Emulsion on their own website and on Beauty Bay

Originally written for Global Blue

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