March 27, 2019

iGlow Lash Serum review

iGlow lash serum review

Let me start by saying that at first, I was a bit sceptical about the iGlow serum, that I bought after seeing a few ads on Instagram. iGlow is a Norwegian company that produces the Long Lashes serum and Eyebrow serum. I do have long lashes naturally but wanted to see how this would help me and hopefully help you too if you are in the search of a lash serum for longer and fuller lashes.

iGlow lash serum review

Ordering & Application
To be honest, the website is a bit much for my liking, and made me question the legitimateness of the business, but after reading many people’s reviews I decided to place an order. You can use PayPal to order which helps to protect you in case of issues with the order. I only got the Lash serum, which is €59, so about £50. This is definitely a premium product for its price, but other lash serums (eg Revitalash) are £70+. It took over two weeks to arrive, and I tested it for over three weeks.

You apply at night, after cleansing your face as the last step. Following the instructions that came with the serum, I applied it 2 mm over my lash line. You definitely don’t want this getting in your eye, but if it happens (obviously I did it once by mistake!) remove with loads of water immediately as it stinks.
Don’t dip the brush again after application, one stroke is enough for both eyes. That’s what they recommend and that’s what I did! They say it can be used on the lower lashes too, following the same application method.
Also, please don’t expect an immediate result, as this is all about the growth circle it takes time, see below for full explanation on this.

iGlow lash serum
Before, no mascara
iglow lash serum review
Before, with mascara

The product
You are meant to start seeing results within 3-10 weeks. This obviously depends on the lash growth circle, which just like the hair on our head and bodies, the lashes grow in three different phases. This serum promises to strengthen existing lashes and promote the growth of new ones. The growth phase (anagen phase) of lashes lasts between 30-45 days, and that’s where the serum helps.

According to their website, “all ingredients are approved under strict regulations by the EU Cosmetic Directive and the FDA, and it has a PH value close to water“.

The serum is also vegan and cruelty-free which is great, especially if you are looking for more natural products for your routine.

After applying every night for three weeks I can see my lashes are longer and fuller. I’ve always had full and long lashes but they can be sparse in places. This serum has helped 100%. I continue using it most nights now too, and it could be used on brows as well if you have sparseness in places.

Use code ‘crueltyfree15’ to receive 15% off your order. For the sake of transparency, I found this code on their website and wanted to share! I bought this product myself as I wanted to see how it would work and wanted to review properly in case people were interested.

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  1. Seems a lot like a paid article ? Even including a discount code which was ‘just found’ on the website? Hmm

    1. Hey! Not paid at all, the product was bought by myself with my own money. I did find the promo code when I was writing this post. I always declare “gifted” – Paid partnerships – ADs, why would I risk being reported?! But since then I’ve actually found two serums that worked a lot better than this, the NYK1 and the RapidLash. If you are looking for a lash growth serum I’d recommend one of them, instead of the iGlow one which was the first lash serum I tried so didn’t have much to compare it to. Thanks for reading! x

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