February 1, 2019

Heist Studios tights: a review

What does the word Heist bring to mind? A robbery, or if you’ve been obsessed with Spanish dramas on Netflix in 2018, then Casa de Papel (Money Heist) might spring to mind. Well, Heist Studios might be connected to a robbery – the revolutionary tights will make you desert every other tight you were previously buying, especially if you are one those people that avoid tights as much as possible. By the way, Meghan Markle is a fan…

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Heist was set up end of 2015 in London by Toby Darbyshire and Edzard can der Wyck, who wanted to make a product for what women do and how the live instead of how they look like (in comparison to Victoria’s Secret or even Agent Provocateur that despite their beauty, are mostly highly uncomfortable). There are two waistbands, 10 shades and four styles (nude, 30, 50, 80). The Nude comes in seven shades of nude, which should be the norm, catering to all skin tones! There’s no universal nude shade and this is another reason why Heist is so amazing.

The Heist Studios tights

Their tights are seamless and there is NO gusset (the crotch bit that’s usually quite annoying). The only seam is the one around the waistband, which sucks you in but not in an unbearable ‘I can’t breathe’ way. I was definitely intrigued and really wanted to try them out. I tried out The Thirty and The Fifty deniers in black, which is my usual choice. Most days I wear a 20-40 denier, and for a more opaque look, I go for 50-100 denier.

Let me begin by saying my usual tights of choice are by Calzedonia, which aren’t that cheap, to begin with, but it depends how quickly you go through tights. If I put them on carefully, they last for ages so even £8 per pair is fine for me. I know other people prefer Primark, which I’ve tried and wasn’t a fan, but it’s all a matter of preference, I guess. I want my tights to fit well, I don’t really mind if they suck you in or not, (although I have worn Spanx in the past for very tight-fitting dresses) and I don’t like them to be overly shiny. Now, Heist is about double the price of my classic pairs, so I really wanted to see how does it compare?

Heist Studios tights trial

The first time I put them on I realised how weird and different it feels not having the seams when you’re so used to them. Apart from that I was impressed with how soft they were, they feel like silk on your skin. I firstly tested The Thirty (£19 for the low waistband), in a size UK 10, and it fit like a glove. If I wanted the waistband to be tighter, I think I could have sized down, but I really like the fit of them. They look great, they don’t sag, they don’t move throughout the day, or roll down so you can feel them falling off (I’m sure anyone who wears tights has experienced this).

With The Thirty, I was a bit more careful the first few times I put them on (there really isn’t any need to though), but The Fifty, you can tell they are made a bit thicker. I have been testing them for a little over two month and haven’t had any issues! The Thirty has the ‘low waistband’, which is the perfect one for me. It’s so far away from the typical ‘low’ waistband certain companies do, you know the ones that you constantly have to pull up? Yes, nothing like that. The Fifty has the higher waistband, that covers your belly button and offers more coverage if that’s what you prefer. I think the higher waistband is perfect for tighter fitting dresses, to have the perfectly smooth outline of your figure. 

How to wash

These will last you, so you will want to wash them carefully so they last even longer. The easier way to do that for me is; when you’re in the shower waiting for your hair mask to do its thing, wash using a mild soap (I’ve used baby shampoo in the past – oops) and you’re done.

  Heist The Thirty tights*, from £19 (here)

What sets Heist Studios apart?

Their revolutionary technology. From inventors and material scientists working on the tights, the focus is for people that move. And people that move, most of the times need to be comfortable. I know I am! I have actually avoided wearing dresses that require tights because I couldn’t be bothered wearing tights, and I know I can’t be the only one. A big test for me is post-gym, you know that feeling when your tights kind of stick of your legs as you put them on? Well, these don’t stick to post-showered skin and that’s a massive plus for me, as I often avoid dresses and skirts for that exact reason (I go to the gym on my lunch break so getting ready fast is a must for me!).

Their tights are so soft because of the yarn; “5,000 spirals of nylon around each inch of elastane (that’s ten times the industry average) to create the softest yarn available” Heist said. They are made with one single tube from toe to toe, and that’s how they’ve gotten rid of the annoying seams.

Apart from the way they are made, they were also created to empower. Women are the typical multitaskers, from jobs to kids, drinks, friends, as a woman I know you would want to feel supported by your clothes and enjoy wearing them, and it should be the same for underwear! Their campaigns and marketing messaging are about being inclusive, body positive and feeling good in your body.

At the end of 2018 they brought out another revolutionary product. Their newest product is shapewear unlike any other. Gone are the days where you would wear two pairs of Spanx to suck you in (something Kim K does…), The Outer Body (with its clever #NOTHANX) makes your curves their best ever, without constricting your movement. Not to mention it looks great even as a body for a night out. I’d be interested to see how it sits on me, but seeing it at the launch event, I was very impressed. The Outer Body is only available in the UK at the minute but they should be bringing it around the world soon! They also do a cute sock collection, perfect for the summer.

Update (May 2020) – They have just launched underwear too! Super comfortable, check them out here.

The Verdict?

I am definitely a convert. From what I’ve heard and what I’ve seen on reviews, these might not be the most long-lasting tights if you wear a bigger size though. The seams aren’t reinforced enough in the larger sizes, meaning that they might break as the tights are pulled up. Something to keep in mind when purchasing. I’d definitely love to see more colours come out, and because I love printed tights I will continue to wear my Calzedonia ones for certain occasions, but Heist is 100% more comfortable and wins every time from now on!

Also, if you’re not completely happy, they offer refunds or exchanges within 28 days (14 days for The Outer Body though) and they ship to 41 countries! When a company is this helpful, you know they really believe in their product! I’m excited to see what the future holds for Heist, hoping for more patterns or limited editions styles perhaps?

Heist feels good, it’s the ‘your skin but better’ effect both inside and out. They are a must!

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