April 8, 2020

I cut my own hair at home and I’m surprised by how well it turned out (here’s how I did it)

Cutting your own hair at home is every hair stylist’s worse nightmare, but sometimes it’s the only option! Here’s what happened and how I did my haircut at home

In the middle of a pandemic, there are far more essential things than your haircut. Even though I could have gone for a hair cut before ‘proper’ lockdown I was social distancing and didn’t think it was ‘right’ to be in a hair salon.

I have owned professional scissors for a few years. I was attacking my split ends with nail scissors and my mum got me some proper ones from a professional hair store. These are easy to find and inexpensive. I was a bit terrified to cut my own hair so I decided to record the whole process if you’re thinking about it.

The Brad Mondo haircut technique

Brad Mondo, hairdresser and YouTuber (he has countless videos of him reacting to terrifying at-home hair cuts/colours/bleaching) came to my rescue with a video on how to cut your hair at home!! Just what I needed. Have a look at his video here.

What you need to cut your hair at home

You’ll need:

Start with freshly washed, dried and completely straight hair. Unfortunately, this technique isn’t for very curly hair (unless you wear it straight), as in that case, you’ll need a wet cut and go in curl by curl. So if you have straight or wavy hair and you aren’t looking for a super blunt cut, then read on!

Do your normal parting (mine is in the middle), and then part on the side as well – just behind your ear. Clip the two back sections to keep them separate.

how to cut hair at home haircut

Take a moment to see when you want your hair to sit and keep that in mind. I want to take about 3ish cm off (almost 2″).

Then take your hair ties and for the front sections, have them hang to the side towards your shoulders – they shouldn’t be in the front otherwise they will be uneven!! Then keeping the tension and the straightness, put your tie and roll it down to the point you want to cut.

how to cut hair at home technique haircut

Do the same for the two sections in the back. You can have more than four sections, something I will do if I cut my hair again! You need to keep the tension and have the hair tie put in when it’s super straight. Ideally, someone needs to help you to do this as it’s quite hard.

Brad’s advice is a ‘point cut’ and I recommend following his advice. You basically cut diagonally never straight, as this will look better.

Cut until the hair tie for all four sections, then remove them and brush through to see how you did!

Finally, brush the front over your face and slightly point cut the front bits that will be a bit longer.

If you want more of a layered look, check out Brad’s video. I stopped at this point as I want a blunt/straight cut.

Me cutting my hair on camera! Full trial

I just had to film the whole process, check it out below on my Instagram IGTV.


I’m actually impressed by how well this turned out!! Yes, it’s a trim, not a lot of length taken off, but that’s exactly the haircut I needed. Actually it feels like the shape now is better, as previously there was a very slightly U-shape that I hated! The first cut was terrifying not gonna lie! I am very happy with the final result and will certainly do it again! Let me know if you try it out

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