May 20, 2020

Glossier Hand Cream review

Glossier Hand Cream Review

The Glossier hand cream is out and it’s a super cute packaging and supposedly non-greasy long-lasting hydration. Does it live up to the claims?

Have you picked up the Glossier hand cream? I was resisting at first but was curious to try out this lotion/cream hybrid. By the way, you can get 10% off new orders via this link (disclaimer: I make a small % from every sale at no extra cost to you)!

Also the super popular pink hoodie is BACK in stock but be quick as it’s definitely NOT gonna stay round for long!

As soon as I got the cream I tested it to see if it lives up to the claims.

Firstly, the packaging is super cool, the cap closes well with a very satisfying click, fits well in your hand and bag and I have it on my desk and it brings me joy when I see it!

The scent has been compared to Glossier You perfume. I gotta say I have no idea if it’s similar, as the two times I’ve tried the perfume, I hated it! This to me smells a bit sweet, a bit woody but not super heavy. The scent lingers a little bit, which is why I only use this during the day. At night I prefer unscented hand creams.

It absorbs very quickly and doesn’t feel greasy AT ALL. This is the biggest selling point of the cream for me. I normally only use hand cream at night because I hate feeling like I’ve got a residue on my hands, but this doesn’t feel like that. 

A little goes a long way so it hopefully lasts a long time and my hands feel SO soft.

Price-wise I think it’s reasonable price, (£16 for 30ml) though depends on what we consider a normal price tag for a hand cream. Is it Chanel (£45 for 50ml) or CeraVe (£6 for 50ml)?

Ingredients are meadowfoam seed oil, rosemary leaf, glycofilm pollustops and coconut fruit extract, all hydrating and emollient (keeping the moisture in).


Negatives? The size I guess as not sure how long this will last, though I don’t use a lot daily. And the biggest negative for me is the packaging, which is a plastic mix. There could be so many options and even if they couldn’t have other materials, maybe they could offer refills.

Before buying this I thought the packaging was biodegradable or refillable. I’m not sure why I thought that, as there is no such information anywhere online. However I DM’d them to confirm and they said, if you twist off the cap, the body is recyclable.

The outer packaging (that little bag it comes in), is also recyclable. I’m curious to see if the cap can be replaced once you open it up, in which case I’ll put in some other hand cream and keep the bottle instead of throwing it out.

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