September 17, 2014

Glitter Lips

If you know me you probably know I have a soft spot for sparkly things, so it was no surprise that Glitter Lips caught my eye at the London Ethnic fashion show and party at the Kensington Roof Gardens.

If you like glittery things read on, I’ve got something very exciting for you! Sparkly, long-lasting lipstick is what this company offers and it’s really easy to use.

You first apply white lipgloss that goes clear and acts as glue and then you apply the glitter and that’s it! You can party, eat, kiss, pretty much do anything and it will stay there. I had the chance to try it for myself at the event as applied by the lovely ladies behind the company.

Sparkling Rose and Coral Reef

To get an idea of how it all started, Rachel and Paula own Beauty Boulevard, a beauty salon in Lincoln. They came up with the idea as they were annoyed with constantly having to reapply their makeup that would fall off their faces at the end of a long day or a night out.

“We thought about lash glue, but we needed something that would stay on, and was safe to have on your mouth. So we were looking for ways to have something non-toxic and safe,” Rachel said. After find people to produce it, they trialled the product, “we started wearing it in our tiny little shop in Lincoln and people were saying ‘oh my god, what is that?’ and before we even got it in we had a waiting list of 25 people!” Rachel recalled.


Glitter everything

They will be launching more exciting shades (“a deluxe version,” Rachel said) around Halloween so have a look at their website around the time for funkier colours!

In the future they are hoping to expand the line with more products, such as face stencils, which is a great idea for festivals. But even the lipstick has multiple uses, Rachel had it on her nails with a shellac topcoat – matching glitter nails and lips!

In terms of prices they’re extremely affordable, at £12.50 for the glue/lip gloss, glitter and sponge applicator. One box of glitter lasts for 25-30 uses.

Oh, and even though it’s a bit harder to remove than a normal bold lip it’s nothing that good old Bioderma can’t take off!

With Rachel and Paula



Find more on their website:

Beauty Boulevard 


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