June 21, 2017

Givenchy Beauty summer collection

Givenchy has just launched two lines for spring/summer to keep you matte and youthful. Matissime Velvet includes a liquid foundation, compact foundation and special sponge blender for application, and the Prisme Blush, is a double blusher with a very interesting idea behind it.

Creative director for Givenchy beauty, Nicolas Degennes said of this collection: “I love radiance; I’m seeking a radiant matte”. And I think that’s exactly what he’s achieved. Taking inspiration from the feel of velvet, and textures of Couture creations he came up with one liquid and one compact foundation, that are both lightweight and high coverage. The liquid foundation is in a heavy, glass bottle, that is also inspired by Couture with the classic motif of Givenchy. The compact foundation is perfect for touch ups during the day and easy to just through in your bag.

They create a matte finish and still reflects the light, as not to create a dull complexion. In order to achieve this, the ingredients are particularly important, like the purifying black cumin seed oil, that was used in ancient Egypt as a remedy, ginger, burnet and cinnamon that tighten pores and refine the skin.

Matissime Velvet Liquid Foundation*, SPF 20, £35 (here) | Makeup blender sponge*, £13 (here) | Matissime Velvet Liquid Compact Foundation*, SPF 20, £40 (here)

The Prisme Blush is a very interesting new blusher that comes in a compact case with a mini brush and 8 shades to choose from. The romantic nature of the brand comes through in the names of the blush; like ‘Love’, ‘Wild’ and ‘Spice’ connected to the shades they represent. This blush is created to work two shades (one matte, one shimmering) to design what Nicolas Degennes calls ‘facial architecture’. Using the two shades you can achieve a natural result to suit your face and mood, which is also buildable and very beautiful. The pigments are buttery smooth and do not transfer, to make sure your blush stays put all day, no matter the occasion. In a way, it’s the opposite of contouring, which let’s be honest, it has reached the end of its days.

Either dab the pinker shade on the apples of your cheeks, and use the lighter shade as a highlighter on cheekbones, cupid’s bow and brow bone, or swirl your brush to mix the two together for a sparkling look.

Prisme Blush in No1 Passion*, £33.50 (here)

The makeup sponge is another interesting creation, meant to compliment the Matissime Velvet collection. As expected (and for whoever hasn’t used a beauty blender), the larger side is used to apply foundation on cheeks, forehead, and chin, whereas the smaller side works well for under the eyes and around the nose. And the hollowed band in the middle ensures you won’t dirty your fingers when using the sponge. I have to say the black colour makes it quite cool. 

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