October 17, 2018

Gisou Hair Mask review & drugstore comparison

It’s true that in beauty as in fashion you get what you pay for usually, but there are always unsung heroes. I was trying to justify the purchase of the Gisou hair mask for quite a while and tried to find reviews to help me make up my mind (hi if that’s what you’re here for!). Yes the fact that founder, entrepreneur, and Instagrammer (and in Forbes 30 Under 30 list!) Negin Mirsalehi has incredible locks should speak for itself but I have more products that one person can use, so wanted to be sure it will work before splurging on a high-end hair mask (you wash it off your hair after all). The two (so far) products under the Gisou brand are made using honey from the Mirsalehi family bees. Honey is nature’s all-around healer, so it is definitely a promising idea.

Gisou hair mask, about £60 with shipping (here)

Note that this beautiful and super Instagrammable hair product will set you back about £60, which is definitely luxury haircare pricing. My go-to is normally the Aussie 3-minute Miracle (about £5), specifically, the US version which is in a purple bottle – the EU one (in beige) doesn’t work for me as well, I think it’s the fact that the US one has coconut oil as an ingredient. I also really like OI Conditioner by Davines (£18), which is cheap compared to Gisou, and does a great job.

Before washing 

Using a hair trimmer for split ends, so hair is a bit fluffier

For the sake of blogging, I decided to compare the Gisou and Aussie masks under the same conditions. One side is Aussie the other Gisou. I left both masks on for about 10 minutes, which is what I normally do, and occasionally leave on overnight. I will also soon be posting a review (see it here!) of the strangest gadget I’ve ever bought – a hair trimmer – which I used prior to the Mask Off (new word, just go with it, inspired by ‘Bake Off’), and explains the frizzy appearance of my hair above.

After shampooing (using the clarifying Christophe Robin Rassoul Paste) and squeezing out the water from my hair, I put on the Aussie mask on the right side of my hair (my right), and Gisou on the/my left. I left both on for 10 minutes, brushed with the Tangle Teezer Aqua Splash and washed out with cold water (I find this makes my hair shiny).

And here we have it – after washing and air drying. Left is Aussie, right is Gisou


The consistency for Gisou is quite thick, and explains why it’s in a pot rather than a bottle, and although I don’t prefer pots when in the shower, I get why it’s done like that. It doesn’t smell of honey very much but has a faint sweet scent, which is pleasant. It’s also sulfate and paraben-free, which I’ve seen really helps my hair. I don’t need the harsh chemicals, so why use them? Aussie isn’t as thick in consistency, but thicker than a conditioner and basically smells of coconut.

A dollop of Aussie 3 minute miracle (and a hair, because it’s hair washing)

a small scoop of Gisou honey infused hair mask

The pot and box it comes in are definitely beautiful, and granted Aussie looks (and is!) much cheaper, but it’s not just about looks is it? I like how the flower illustrations are because Negin and her father are bee-keepers and that’s how the Gisou story started.


I really wish this was a video so I could show you how bouncy and beautiful my hair was after testing these. I had to have a third-person opinion about which mask performed better, and I have to say that without pausing even for a second my boyfriend chose the Gisou side. And it’s true, I have to agree. Gisou made my hair smoother, which is great as frizz is my biggest issue, and it looks bouncier and healthier. It’s soft and looks really good, and I will religiously use it from now on. I am impressed and I don’t know how my hair will look without Gisou when it eventually runs out!

Well done Gisou, I’m officially sold!

Added a bit of the Rich Kid coconut hair gel from IGK and hair is done

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