November 5, 2018

Function of Beauty personalised hair care review

I tried using a shampoo and conditioner made just for me, and here’s what happened. After researching many brands that focus on personalised beauty products for a piece I was writing (read here btw), I knew I wanted to know more about Function of Beauty, an innovative hair care brand that I’ve been wanting to try for a while.

The US based company (that ships to the US, UK, Canada and Australia) was founded in 2015 to create a completely personal shampoo and conditioner depending on your needs. It was created by a team of cosmetic scientists, MIT engineers and developers to result in the most technologically advanced hair care you will ever use. The three founders Joshua Maciejewski, Hien Nguyen and Zahir Dossa wanted to revolutionise the way we wash our hair with their personalised formulations.

You first fill out the online quiz with your hair type and top five hair goals (ex. frizz, lengthening, anti-ageing and more). You then choose the colour for your shampoo and conditioner (including dye-free) and select your scent and its strength. They often do limited-edition scents so I opted for that; a peach and citrus combo with a touch of jasmine. Add a name or nickname for your bottles, choose your size and frequency of delivery and you are done. Quite conveniently you can choose your shampoo and conditioner to be different sizes, personally I run out of shampoo quicker than I do conditioner most times, so that’s quite useful. In this case I opted for 473ml for both, and a 6-month frequency of delivery.

Once your order is sent through, the chemists use a special algorithm to create the perfect formula for you, which quantifies each ingredient used. The brand is paraben, sulphate, toxin and cruelty free as well as vegan. They also have a free 30-day return or change in formulation policy, to make sure the product is working exactly how you’re expecting it to.

Ordering is a super easy process, and you are given an estimate of delivery, mine was the 27th of September and was £39 in total. Prices start from £29 for the smaller sizes (236ml).

Post ordering & first impressions

The order arrived a week earlier than expected, which is always a pleasant surprise. They come in minimal packaging which I really liked. Essentially the post box contains your products directly without any extra packaging, with their respective pumps to add and use right away, which is surely helpful for the environment.

My limited edition peach scent is amazing, but I found I couldn’t smell it in my hair when it was dry which I would have liked especially after opting for the strong fragrance.

While using for the first time I did notice the pump didn’t help the conditioner come out as well as the shampoo, which is to be expected as the conditioner is much thicker in consistency. This was actually much better with continued use and if you shake the bottle before using it’s all right.

After the first use, my hair was definitely smoother and less frizzy despite a rainy day and the fact that I let them dry naturally. Normally this would have resulted in a massive puffy lion head. It was really soft and felt clean but not striped, which is thanks to the lack of sulphates – I haven’t really used a sulphate shampoo in many years though, so that’s something I’m used to.

Continued use

After having completely replaced my normal shampoo and conditioner with Function of Beauty I have to say I’m definitely sold on the whole ‘personalised haircare’ idea. Having something made specifically for your needs and your concerns is genius and more brands are jumping on that bandwagon. The set comes complete with a little leaflet that analyses your hair goal descriptions and how often to use, as well as the ingredients for each product. Mine mentions that both shampoo and conditioner should be used 4-5 times a week, which I personally find a bit much. I used to wash my hair every second day in the past but this made it drier and more brittle so I wash it much less now and find it helps.

Other than that, I always use a thick hair mask when washing my hair, which I stopped doing while testing the Function of Beauty line. From now on, I will definitely combine the shampoo and conditioner with my normal hair mask (currently using the Gisou one created by influencer Negin Mirsalehi), for every hair wash and use the mask after the conditioner, or overnight as a more intense treatment before washing.

I highly recommend Function of Beauty, and will order again for sure. Let me know if you’ve tried it and what you thought of it!

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  1. Josh the co-founder is harassing a teacher with mental illness. I would not buy this product based on principle as I will not support a bully.

    1. I haven’t been able to find any articles speaking about this so it’s of course a personal choice to support or not but hopefully you read my post for what it is, a review of a product. Thanks for visiting.

  2. Have to admit hair care is not a easy thing specially when you have to make sure your hairs are doing great.
    Have used this product and pretty much satisfied with the results, the concept of personalize hair acre is very important innovation in the world of hair care.
    A lot of brands out there are working on this mechanism, like, Bare Anatomy, Prose, Vedix.

  3. This product of Personalized hair care range category is the most amazing and effective innovation we’ll ever have in Hair Care category.
    These brands like Function of Beauty, Bare Anatomy & Prose are providing products that are specifically curated based on your hair profile.
    I personally have used Function of Beauty and seen some very great results using them.

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