July 30, 2019

Fresh Vitamin Nectar mask review

fresh vitamin nectar mask review
Have you used the Vitamin Nectar mask by Fresh? Read on for my thoughts!

Fresh is such a wonderful skincare brand and it’s now available on Cult Beauty! I’ve been trying out their Vitamin Nectar mask for a while and wanted to share my thoughts, as I enjoy using masks that actually do something noticeable.

I’ve used a couple of the Fresh products over the years, including two heroes for the brand; the Soy cleanser and the Rose face mask. I do have a lot of cleansers, so after that pot was done I didn’t re-purchase, however, the rose face mask has been a firm favourite for the past 3-4 years, and I wanted to add another one of their masks to my collection, expecting it to be just as good.

The product

Vitamin Nectar is the name of this little pot of goodness, that not only contains an amazing 20% of vitamin C – the top antioxidant and key to a glowy complexion – but also a mix of fruit-derived AHAs to de-clog pores, vitamin E and B5. AHAs or Alpha-Hydroxy-Acids will help you clear your top layer of the skin, essentially ‘breaking down’ the glue between the dead skin cells to reveal the new skin.

Don’t be scared of the high potency vitamin C though, as the mask also contains glycerin, a lovely hydrating humectant ingredient, that helps to keep moisture in the skin, so it won’t dry your skin in the process of clearing your pores.

fresh vitamin nectar mask review
Look at that texture!

The trial

I discovered this mask thanks to Alyss Bowen, at her live podcast (she has a podcast with Lotte called ‘We are Offline‘) recording at the Fresh store on Marylebone High Street. She mentioned she often uses it in the morning and I was instantly sold. The smaller size is £21, which is great value considering you don’t need much product on every use.

As I have many products, reaching for something without thinking much about it, shows how much I like it, which is the case with this mask. I have been using it as a morning glow up as Alyss had suggested, as it’s quick and easy, and the antioxidants help fight off pollution and free radicals. Free radicals can damage your skin and continue to the ageing process of your skin and your DNA, as they are free atoms missing one electron, this can be created by the pollution or the sun. The atoms make up the molecules that are everywhere around us, so if one of the atoms is running free it will grab on your skin thus damaging it. And this is why we need antioxidants.

So how to this Fresh mask? Take a hazelnut-ish size and massage across your face. It’s a thick gel texture with a few thicker bits (orange and others) so it takes some getting used to in terms of texture, I would describe it as a nice proper jam with bits!

I remove with warm water (with or without a cloth) – my skin feels SO soft afterward that I have to stop myself from touching my face! A few hours later, it’s still really soft and plump, making this a great mask.

I put a little bit more around my mouth area where I have some pigmentation to tackle and leave it on for about 20 minutes (they say 10 oops), and usually, follow it up with a hydrating mask or continue my routine as normal if I don’t have much time for another mask.

The brand says it can be used 2-3 times per week, personally, I use this sparingly as I have loads of other masks. However, it’s the only one I’d happily use in the morning – the citrusy orangey scent puts me in a good mood and it feels like a nice big glass of fresh orange juice for my skin!

The verdict

If it wasn’t clear by now, I love the Fresh Vitamin Nectar mask. It’s fresh and clarifying without being too harsh on the skin. It’s a great wake-me-up mask and I’m definitely purchasing the full size when I run out of this one.

Also, it comes in glass packaging, which I really appreciate for the sake of the environment. By the way, as with most minis, the bigger size (100ml) is better value for money, but if you are unsure how your skin is going to like this I highly recommend the smaller one.

Find the Vitamin Nectar mask on the Fresh website here, and Cult Beauty here, for £21 for 30ml.

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