February 28, 2021

Five things I loved this week 28.02

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Sharing some things I’ve loved this week from life, things, beauty and more.

Feeling organised

This week has gone by so quickly!! I haven’t felt the most productive, but I’ve felt quite organised. So the first ‘thing’ that I loved, is being organised and getting things done, even when I don’t particularly feel like it. I love love lists and crossing things off them. My lists at the moment, are crazy, so many notes, things to do (now and in the long term) but it’s going well.

Katie Jane Hughes x Spectrum

Celebrity makeup artist Katie Jane Hughes launched her first product, a set of 25 makeup brushes in collaboration with Spectrum. Katie has created #KJHacademy, a weekly makeup ‘challenge’ whereby she does a full makeup look and invites everyone to follow and post their creations, with whatever products they have at home. I love participating and really like her as an artist, so OF COURSE I ordered her brush kit! I haven’t bought brushes in so many years and some of the brushes I have need replacing, so it was the perfect opportunity to do so. Spectrum are vegan and cruelty-free and made from FSC certified wood. The kit sold out but they’ve said it will re-launch in May and they will also include smaller kits. The full kit is £159 but they have a 10% off for first orders once you sign up to the newsletter!

The nicer weather

It’s such a British thing to constantly talk about the weather, I know, but especially while we’re still in lockdown, waking up and seeing the sun and blue skies helps my mood massively. With that, I feel better, I take longer walks and I’m overall in a better mood. I don’t mind the cold as much as the grey and moody skies, so much prefer this brighter weather! The park was nice and it was great seeing a friend (socially distanced ofc).

Working with brands I love

Whether you think of Instagram and social media as a job or not, it has created amazing opportunities for many people. I didn’t start out thinking I could work with brads I love and have used for years, so when that happens I’m super happy and I really appreciate your support, as it continues to allow me to do what I love – as cliche as that may sound. So here’s my latest campaign, with famous Japanese brand Hada Labo. Check it out below!

Workout I enjoy

I’ve been doing Chloe Ting’s Hourglass Challenge and it’s really making me feel stronger. It’s a free YouTube schedule focusing on bum and abs. I generally exercise consistently but it’s normally 60 mins and quite intense. So it’s been nice doing something lower pace, but still tiring that makes a difference. I don’t often train just abs, but I want to have more defined abs, so hoping this ‘challenge’ will help me. Don’t be fooled by the length of these workouts, you will feel the burn!!

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