November 19, 2018

Personalised facial, Lisa Franklin Clinic Privé

Having a personalised facial is seriously life changing, especially if you are interested in skincare/formulas/asking questions and finding out as much as possible; it will help your skin, and relax you!

I really enjoyed my Lisa Franklin experience at her Sloane Avenue clinic, first of all, she is a true professional, with positive energy and a friendly attitude. Once you enter the clinic, away from the busy streets of Knightsbridge, you are greeted by her friendly team.

Lisa Franklin is an award-winning facialist and skincare expert with more than 18 years’ experience. Having worked as a make-up artist in the luxury sector for many years, she opened her private clinic just over three years ago, and since then she has started developing her own range of skincare products as well.

Lisa Franklin’s most popular treatment is the Repair, Recover, Renew signature facial, lasting from 60 to 120 minutes and tailored to individual needs. It includes technology ranging from galvanic therapy (using mild electric currents) to oxygen therapy for the ultimate in hydration and smooth skin tone. I sampled this treatment for 90 minutes and was very impressed by how the facial was carefully tailored to my skin ‒ and how smooth and glowing my complexion was afterward. Having filled out a standard form, I was taken to a cosy treatment room where a heated bed provided an instant sense of relaxation. The treatment began with a deep cleanse using Franklin’s specially formulated products; other hands-on techniques such as steaming may follow depending on whether you need them. The session was completed with the application of creams from Franklin’s own brand.

Post facial glow

Franklin’s Pro Effect skincare line came out earlier this year and has been formulated with Kakadu plum, a superfruit with a very high concentration of vitamin C (a Kakadu plum is said to contain 100 times more than an orange). It efficiently regenerates the skin thanks to its antioxidant powers.

Franklin says that when she was a child she had a dream about rose quartz. At the time she didn’t understand it, but years later when she wanted to produce her own line of products she started with her primer, which contains rose quartz ‒ and she remembered her dream.

Her range includes seven products mainly geared for women, although men enjoy them too. Three cleansers comprise Anti-pollution Cleanser for removing make-up and grime at the end of the day, Phyto Gel Wash which is slightly foaming and should be used with cotton pads or a flannel, and Micellar Water to tone and energise. The last two are perfect to use in the morning as well as in the evening. In addition, her Refining Exfoliator can be used after cleansing at night, followed by her Night Renew Treatment and Pollution Defence Cream. For the day her Luminescent Base gives the perfect healthy glow while creating a base for make-up – although it can also be used on its own. It doesn’t contain silicone, which is very rare for a primer base.

There is also a line for men, comprising three products that create a good base for a skincare routine ‒ Mens Gel Wash, Mens Refining Scrub and Mens Pollution Defence Cream.

Q&A with Lisa Franklin

How long did it take to get each formulation as you wanted it?
It depended very much on what we were trying to achieve with each product, but it took about a year to finalise each formulation.

How did your previous experience help you when developing your line?
Being in a privileged position of working with skin on daily basis provided me with a fundamental understanding of which vitamins and minerals have the most positive effect on skin, and this helped tremendously when sourcing ingredients.

What’s your top skincare tip?
Always cleanse both in the morning and evening ‒ this is fundamental for optimum skin condition and health.

What is your favourite product from your own line?
The Luminescent Base, it was the first product I ever developed and I learnt so much.

What about any other brands?
There are some great brands out there. I like what Joy Isaacs is doing with Argentum Apothecary.

What are your favourite make-up products?
Delilah has some great make-up pieces, and I do have a soft spot for a classic Chanel lipstick.

What would be the one ingredient you recommend to everyone, and what’s the benefit?
I have discovered so many great ingredients, so this a difficult one to answer. I have always loved rose quartz because of its profound effect on health and wellbeing. Diamond powder, too, has an amazing effect on skin. The particles manipulate light by converting invisible UV light to radiant light and selectively scatter favourable light. The particles settle into wrinkles and subtly illuminate and glow, decreasing the appearance of the wrinkles and creating a soft-focus effect.

What kind of product would you wish to make next ‒ without revealing too much?
I am working on a number of new products, one of which is an SPF game changer. We have addressed electromagnetic radiation including UV in the current range, but a sunscreen, we always felt, is a standalone product and we wanted to develop something that is different to what is already available. Watch this space.

How would you like to develop your brand and clinic in the future?
We have plans for the clinic which will transform the service we offer.

What’s your favourite place to eat and shop in London?
I live and work in Chelsea and there is nowhere better than my own doorstep to shop. In terms of eating out we are spoiled in London, with so many great culinary destinations. I recently went to Cora Pearl and the Coal Office, which were both exceptional.

Lisa Franklin Clinic Privé skin consultations start at £50 and treatments at £75.

Lisa Franklin Clinic Privé, 186 Sloane Street, London SW1X 9QR, +44 (0)20 7752 0217,

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