July 3, 2019

Face Halo: the product that will make you ditch your wipes

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I know many people still use wipes, which is something I don’t personally favour (see my top face cleansers here), however, Face Halo is as easy to use as a wipe but it’s much better for the skin. If you’ve personally asked me for skincare advice, you’d know how much I hate wipes, beauty star Caroline Hirons is very vocal about her hatred of wipes and I completely agree.

Wipes don’t clean the skin, they merely move the dirt around, not to mention they are pretty terrible for the environment too! Even those that are biodegradable, as soon as you put makeup on them, they won’t be able to biodegrade. So if you want the ‘ease’ of a makeup wipe, without the negative effect these will have on your skin and environment, Face Halo should be on your radar.

face halo review

The product

Face Halo is a round double-sided pad made out of a microfiber cloth, that with just the use of water will remove all your makeup. Sounds pretty good, right?

They have recently launched a bigger body version, for easy body exfoliation.

They are available in the original white, and a black version – which is what I have, and I prefer, as it’s easier to clean. They come in packs of 3 and are machine washable.

The trial

I wanted to try Face Halo out on a proper full face of makeup to see how it would perform. All you have to do is run the pad under water, squeeze out the excess and take over your face! Excuse how tired I look in the photos, it was a long night!

Each pad is good to remove a whole face of makeup, and I personally would re-use the same pad probably twice, and then put it in the wash.

I’d suggest being really gentle around the eye area, as you could easily pull the skin that may result in sagging/lines – but that’s the case with any facial towel or flannel you may use to cleanse your skin, so always be careful around the very sensitive eye area!

The verdict

Since trying the Face Halo for the first time I’ve used it quite a few times to successfully remove makeup. I always follow it up with a gel cleanser though as I am a fan of double cleansing the skin. I think it’s a fab product, and I’d love to see them make other versions.

The only set back for me is the size, I’d like for these to be bigger and make face cleansing a bit quicker.

In the above pictures I only used the Face Halo, no cleanser!

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