October 12, 2014

Egg boutique

Since pretty much everyone appreciates the designers that don’t conform to the fashion schedules, but work and create on their own time and terms then why don’t we have more of them?

Sometimes they remain hidden, waiting to be discovered like hidden gems in the sand.Screen Shot 2014-10-07 at 21.55.30

IMG_6316Such is the case with Maureen Doherty, co-owner and co-founder of egg, a small boutique in Belgravia that doesn’t have a label (or twitter or facebook for that matter).

Finding the shop by chance while on my lunch break, the moment I walked in I thought I was in a shop on a Greek island. Simple, easy shapes, neutral colours, white walls with soft blue tiles peeking through. Its door resembles (or was an old) garage door that seems to always be open to passersby.

IMG_6314And right outside is a white wooden table and an umbrella with 5 people having their lunch. I’m still surprised such a place exists in London. Curiosity drove my friend and I to walk in, feeling as if we intruded someone’s personal space or living room, but it was in fact a store.

Soon after that we got talking with Maureen who was working for Issey Miyake for 20 years and told us how they take in young designers to design for them and then they set them free to experience the real world. Maureen clearly has a great eye when it comes to clothes, but also styling, making the boutique look like an art installation. IMG_6324

This reminds me of the family concept often seen in fashion; with the foremost example being the Missoni family of course, but also other creatives working together as a family even if they aren’t really connected by blood.

This is truly how fashion should be; designing at your own pace and doing what you love. Maureen said she doesn’t do fashion, which in one way is true – she creates what she wants and whether this ends in fashion or not is not her concern.IMG_6323

Get a glimpse of her lovely little store below. These pictures were taken a couple of weeks ago so I’m afraid what’s on offer has changed since. A short walk away from Hyde Park Corner and Knightsbridge, it’s definitely worth a visit.

IMG_6315 IMG_6317

IMG_6325 IMG_6329 IMG_6321 IMG_6319 IMG_6322 IMG_6320 IMG_6327 IMG_6318 IMG_6328


Visit egg on 36 Kinnerton Street, tel: 0207 235 9315

Photo credit: personal

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