April 24, 2020

Dr Dennis Gross Stress Repair range

Dr Dennis Gross has just launched a new range – the B3 Adaptive SuperFoods Stress Repair comprised of three products

Stress affects every single part of our bodies, so our skin is no different. The brand new launch by Dr Dennis Gross aims to change the stress we see on our skins, with a serum, face cream and eye cream. The key ingredients are the same across all three products and aim to target pigmentation, inflammation as well as acne. The things that will always come up on our faces when we are feeling stressed.

Also, the brand is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year! It was so inspiring to hear how Dr Dennis Gross and Carrie Gross set up the brand. Imagine they were even talking about skincare, acids and treatments on their first date! Dr Gross (who is a board-certified dermatologist and dermatologic surgeon) was doing many in-clinic peels at the time (his clinic in NYC is super popular for peels and facials) but it wasn’t at all common to have an at-home peel, the only things people would use was “glycolic acid, moisturisers and in the clinic there was Renova, a prescription-strength retinol product by Johnson & Johnson, that was it” Gross said. That’s how the cult Alpha Beta Peel pads came into existence.

Dr Dennis Gross B3 range
Dr Dennis Gross B3 Adaptive SuperFoods

As we know, the body releases more adrenaline and then more cortisol (the stress hormone) when we are in a state of stress, also known as the ‘fight or flight’ response. That’s because way back when we had to escape actual dangers (animals etc) and the body adapts and sends more blood to the vital organs, to help us save ourselves from danger.

Dr Dennis Gross B3 Adaptive SuperFoods Key Ingredients

The three products contain a mix of 14 superfoods, 5 adaptogens and niacinamide (vitamin B3).

Adaptogens may sound like one of those ‘trendy’ things, but in reality, most of them have been in skincare formulations for a while. Mushrooms are adaptogens for instance, and they can survive in harsh environmental conditions. When used in skincare they help with wound healing.

For this product range they connect it with the idea of psychodermatology – the connection between mental and physical in terms of skin. The ingredients target 5 signs if stress-induced ageing

Niacinamide (Vitamin B3) – which is the multi-tasker, anti-inflammatory, great for acne-prone, irritated skin, essential for our bodies. It improves the skin’s barrier, regulates oil production and reduces redness.

Superfoods – benefit and repair the skin with antioxidants, fatty acids and vitamins. They are good in your diet and good for your skin!

Adaptogens – may sound like a weird wellness word, but even mushrooms are adaptogens. The other one you might have heard of is ashwagandha – excellent for stress when ingested hence a part of the ingredients of this range. Why they are unique? They adapt in extreme environmental conditions and in this case adapt to your body’s needs.

Why is it unique

The delivery system for the products is very important and very unique. Dr. Gross explained it better than I ever could, but essentially it’s a lipid encapsulation. Imagine the little ingredients being in an oil bubble. That’s because superfoods are water-soluble, and for them to be absorbed by our skin, we need that lipid ‘bubble’, as you can’t mix water and oil.

The esterification they do is cold, and they are the only brand to do this. This is the process of the delivery of the ingredients, that have been collected in their ‘raw’ state to preserve the freshness.

“We are harnessing the power of nature, using science”

Dr Dennis Gross said during the launch event

Who is the range for

This line is designed for all skin types, everyone is affected by stress. Skin isn’t an essential/vital organ, so when we are under stress, maybe not eating enough etc, our skin (and hair!!!).

The range targets; dehydration, flareups, dull skin, redness, inflammation.

The Stress Rescue Super Serum (30ml, £75) is the more lightweight option, maybe if you have oily skin, or don’t like heavy textures. The Stress Repair Face Cream (60ml, £73) is for more mature skin, or anyone with, particularly dry or dehydrated skin. The ingredients for the serum and face cream are the same, but the face cream has a few more superfoods like kiwi and burdekin plum.

Then the Stress SOS Eye Cream (15ml, £67) is of course for tired eyes, eyes that are showing signs of stress (for me it’s dryness and maybe dark circles – don’t confuse hereditary dark circles as these can’t be resolved by topical skincare products). This has coffee which the other two products don’t, which helps with circulation.

It’s also aimed at de-puffing and has a very slight glow to it, so perhaps this eye cream would be ideal for the daytime. I started wearing this cream right away, as I need all the help I can get at the minute. Though it’s a small pot, you need the tiniest amount – a little goes a LONG way!! Below is a little trial of the eye cream. The area is more glowy instantly thanks to the reflective formula!

Clinical results for B3 Adaptive Superfoods range

The range is a perfect companion to the cult Alpha Beta Daily Peel pads, that are a powerful blend of acids (step 1) and nourishing antioxidants (step 2). The pads are so easy to use morning or night (but not both!!), take the step 1 pad, apply all over then swipe with the step 2 pad and continue with your serums and moisturiser as normal. Remember to always use sunscreen, especially important when using acids that basically remove the dead skin cells leaving skin more exposed.

Clinical results are quite impressive, in their clinical study for the serum they found:

1 week: 100% showed significant improvement in hydration

2 weeks: 92% showed significant improvement in radiance

4 weeks: 96% showed significant improvement in skin texture

92% showed significant improvement in the overall appearance of skin

Every 3 out of 4 people immediately showed a significant reduction in redness. [All information provided by the brand]

For the eye cream:

1 week: 85% showed significant improvement in crow’s feet and smoothness

2 weeks: 88% showed significant improvement in undereye crepiness

96% showed a significant reduction in fine lines

The whole range is vegan and cruelty-free and available now at SpaceNK.

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